Wednesday, April 14

Coincidences And Mysteries In The UK News Today

TitanicTitanic Coincidences
You might well ask: How on earth can the Titanic be news today? But there it is in today's UK newspapers. It's in respect of a book just published called 101 Things You Thought You Knew About the Titanic...But Didn't.

According to the writer, Tim Maltin, the Titanic came within two feet of crashing into another liner, as it set off on her maiden voyage from Southampton. Had the ships collided then the Titanic tragedy, with the loss of 1517 lives, would never had happened.

Maltin goes on to say how the Titanic's Captain was only used to boats half of the Titanic's size, and that's why he came close to hitting the SS City of New York.

Maltin explains, "The collision was avoided by about two feet, something which obviously is an indicator of the disaster to come. Anyone with a ship that size would have been accident prone - the world had never seen a ship that big before." See also my post Titanic Coincidences.

I'm Going To Win The UK Lottery Tonight!
How do I know? Because my name is Michael (but you can call me Mike).

The UK National Lottery records show that you are most likely to win if you are called Michael, John, David, Peter Robert or James. So how can I fail!

The luckiest lottery winning women are called Margaret, Susan, Patricia, Mary and Christine. Unfortunately my wife's name isn't amongst them so I'll just get the one ticket for myself. If she's good I'll share!

They Said She Was A Heroin Addict
In the UK, if you want to work with children, you have to be checked out by the Criminal Records Bureau. Amanda Hodgson didn't think there would be anything to worry about when she applied to become a welfare assistant at her children's school - how wrong she was.

The CRB sent her a letter claiming that she was a recovering heroin addict who was also violent and had assaulted police. As a law abiding citizen Amanda was shocked by this, to say the least.

How did this happen? Simply because, by coincidence, there is another Amanda Hodgson in the area who just happens to have exactly the same date of birth.

Easy enough to sort out, you might think, but the problem didn't end there. The onus was on Mrs.Hodgson to prove her innocence!

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  1. Name and birth dates synchros (and numbers) are all fascinating. You've got some good ones here, Mike! I hadn't heard this little ditty about the Titanic. I wonder if the ship is the gift that keeps on giving to people looking for synchronicities!

  2. "...keeps on giving ..." Could be, never looked at it like that before.