Thursday, April 15

We Attract What We Fear

FearA lot of people believe that what we fear we attract. I could give lots of examples but here's a bang up to the minute one.

My wife is a very positive happy person but she freely admits she has one fear or weakness - flying.

She is strong minded enough to fly with reasonable confidence when she is with me. As she says, there are so many places in the world we wouldn't have seen if we hadn't have gone by air. Her biggest fear though is if she has to fly alone.

This doesn't happen very often as we go most places together. Thinking about it, she's only flown twice on her own.

The first was when she went to visit her sick brother in Germany. And what happened? The flight was delayed by eight hours, the airline lost her luggage, there was a mix up with the people who were meeting her and just about everything else happened as well. "Never again, on my own," she said.

Time passes and last Monday I went with her to London Heathrow to see her off to Germany again. She was very apprehensive but the flight out was perfect and she was very happy when she phoned me from her brother's house. "Phew!" I thought.

Karin is due back on a flight tomorrow but all UK airspace has been closed other than for emergencies - an unheard of situation previously. There are no flights in or out of the UK at the moment. The problem, as you have probably heard, is the volcano in Iceland which is spurting volcanic dust. The dust is dangerous to aircraft.

So goodness knows when my wife will actually get back to England.

Now I'm not, for one minute, suggesting that her fear of flying caused the volcano. But it could perhaps have had an influence on when she flew. Originally she was going to come home today. This would have been okay as the flight was very early in the morning. I think it was me, however, who suggested she might as well stay until Friday. So that's what she did.

I remember it was also a similar situation with a friend. He wasn't afraid of travelling but he always expected something to go wrong - and sure enough it did. His wife broke her foot, hotels have been bad and so on and so on. He often used to say to me before setting out, "I wonder what will go wrong this time?" In a way he got what he asked for.

I've always felt that our thoughts, speech, actions towards others and so on create our future. Karma, if you like.

Sometimes though it's difficult to control what we give out. Especially if there is a fear involved. Fear is one of the big challenges in life.

The good news, of course, is that we also attract all of the good, positive things we think and talk about.

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  1. George08:57

    U R right. Its our thoughts that make things happen to us. Likes yr blog.

  2. Sorry to hear about your wife being stuck in Germany. This volcano ash is causing havoc. Have a friend who was off on holiday abroad for the first time in years. At the moment she's stuck at the airport with family. Fingers crossed that there is good news soon.

  3. I've been wondering about people getting stuck because of the ash cloud. It does seem that she attracted that time to fly. Hope she gets home soon, Mike!

  4. Trish and Rob: Thanks. The difficulty is that English airspace is still closed. When it is eventually safe to fly there will be a massive backlog.