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The Alien Visitation And UFO Sighting

We are into UFOs and aliens for today's post. The following story is claimed to be the personal experiences of one person, who wishes to remain anonymous. It's most likely classed as a Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind - i.e. an abduction or contact with aliens which results in some kind of message or examination.

Okay, these are the said gentleman's experiences:

1979: I wake up in my room, I am 6 years old and there are three or four people standing around my bed at the sides. I cant move, there is a red glowing haze outside my window. I move my eyes and slightly focus and see that it is dark outside but there is moonlight and a red light immerses my room.

I see that these people are my height with big heads and big dark eyes. I black out.

I told my parents about what had happened. They said it was a nightmare, but it wasn't. I had been awake during these moments.

1982: My dad yells for me to come quickly. He is standing in the doorway to our patio, it is one with sliding glass doors. He points to the sky and says, "Look at that."

There is a long cylindrical object flying at a low altitude, a few blocks away and it is big. He calls the airport and tells them there is a unidentified object flying way below altitude.

He had just retired from being an air traffic controller and was also an airplane crash investigator of several years. He flew in World War II and was a test pilot. He had seen the foo fighters over the pacific during WW2.

Anyway, his buddies tell him they have nothing on radar. So we observe this thing for a few minutes. It would stop and hover, then change direction. Then it just shot right up into the sky vertically like a bullet.

My dad smiled and told me to remember this and then he said that we were not alone.

He passed away in 1983 from cancer and told my mother that he was briefed on the alien presence and had been ordered to engage with UFOs and shoot them down. This was to no avail, our jets could not keep up with these UFOs.

Mom thought he was delusional from his treatments but I know he wasn't.

1988: One day at home I get this strong urge to leave the house, it is in the daytime. I go out of the door and walk several blocks not knowing where I am going and why.

Next thing I remember is that I am waking up in a park which is close by and my head is buzzing. It is later that night, several hours later, and around four to five hours of missing time.

I get home and my mother drills me about where I have been. She had prepared supper and I had disappeared without any explanation. She was upset about this and I was grounded for a week.

1989: I'm walking home from my friend's house late in the evening and I black out. Then I remember how I'm walking up a ramp into some metallic round building. There are kids next to me with their hands around my arms guiding me up this ramp.

It is a red light filled corridor and I realize that this is not a building because it is concave . It was some sort of construction I had never seen before.

I also realize these aren't children but little men with big heads and huge black oval shape eyes. I start to panic again I black out.

I wake up on a table in pain and I am naked and it is cold. The next thing I remember is waking up in my room. It is a couple of hours later and I walk down the stairs where my mom is watching TV.

She is startled and said, "How did you get in? I have locked the doors." Again I am in trouble.

She had called my friend's house hours ago and I had disappeared. I have no recollection of what happened until years later. I had a splitting headache and went to bed after getting scolded. My mother was quite a worrier and is to this day.

Source: True-seer, a member of - The Alien Info Thread.

UFOs have been sighted for thousands of years. In 1254, for instance, a group of monks of St Albans in England described what they had seen in a medieval document. The monks saw in the sky 'a kind of large ship, elegantly shaped and well equipped and of marvellous colour.'

There are also many, many alien stories of visitations and abductions. But where do these images come from? Are they real or imaginary.

Carl Jung believed that we all store archetypal figures buried in our subconscious, which merge into our dreams and the myths and legends of mankind. He also believed UFOs to be a symbol of humanities state of mind projected on to the environment. If this were true it would explain why UFO occupants, i.e. the aliens, have similar patterns of appearances and behave in certain ways. They could be archetypal figures stored in the collective unconscious.

But even Jung isn't always correct. Why should earth be the only planet with life? As there are supposedly more planets and stars than grains of sand, on all of the beaches, 'coincidence' must come into play. It would surely be unusual, to say the least, for their not to be life somewhere other than on earth. I don't think we are alone.

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  1. I don't think we're alone, either. It's arrogant on our part to think we're the only sentient beings in the entire universe.

  2. I totally agree with you and Trish & Rob. We are certainly not alone - and I don't think it is a manifestation of our collective unconscious. The universe is just too big.

  3. Besides the galaxy earth is in there are untold numbers of galaxies out there. Who is to say whether or not there is life out there? I'm positive there is. Also we're only dealing with the third dimension, and intutives have access to other dimensions. Life in different in each of the dimensions.

    It's a bit creepy to think that aliens have been able to get to Earth to examine people at their leisure. For this man to be examined multiple times must mean that there's some kind of electrode planted on him to act like a homing device when the aliens come calling.

    If you add in a divine aspect of God being in the picture: why is He allowing these visits? What is the purpose of the aliens being so sneaky about their activities? If they have the ability to come and take humans by force and coercion why are they coming at night or when they are less likely to be seen? It seems to me they know they're doing something underhanded, hoping that we won't notice or 'something else won't notice'. But we do, even the skeptics notice despite their disbelief. There are too many such occurrences to consider that each of these people are having some kind of mental disorder.

  4. Or that every unusual object reported as a UFO is a weather balloon!

  5. Barbara: Why did God allow ... these visits? I guess it's possible to ask similar questions about much of what we witness, see or hear.

    Hve never come across the idea of aliens as being sneaky or underhand before - it's an interesting concept. Must give this some thought.

    There must be other life somewhere: other planets, galaxies or dimensions.

  6. Mike, if the aliens can come in 'under the radar' then they have technology that is farther advanced than the military organizations currently on Earth. What is stopping them from coming in a large number to do whatever they like to humans? Why are they like sneak thieves in the night? Or perhaps the military organizations on Earth know something the general public doesn't. This kind of musing produces all kinds of questions that in turn fuel other questions. We may never get a complete or partial answer to any of the above questions.

  7. Barbara: You make some good points. I was reading a review of a new book, but can't remember the name. The author's theory seems to be that it's the US government creating the UFOs to hide what they are really doing.

    Think this must be a double bluff!