Thursday, July 15

Finding A £10 Note Coincidence

I've mentioned previously (link below) about how my wife often finds money. Not usually large amounts but coins when we are out walking. However, she was a bit luckier when she found a £10 note (about $14).

£10 note
It happened in the usual way, we were walking along together and she suddenly stooped down to scoop up the money. I never notice the coins or money myself.

I laughed when she showed me the banknote and said something like, "That's more like it, instead of all of those coins you normally pick up."

We carried on with our walk and returned a different way. We were nearing home when, on the pavement in front of us, there were three young boys on bikes, probably about 9 or 10 years old. One was telling the others about how his mum would probably 'kill him' when he got home as he had lost some money which he was supposed to use for some items from a local shop.

On hearing this my wife asked him what he'd lost. He told us it was a £10 note so we enquired as to where he had been riding his bike. Sure enough he had been past the spot where my wife had found the money.

She returned the banknote to him and his face looked so relieved. He then sped off to the shop to buy whatever it was his mother needed.

It was fortunate that we returned home by a different route - a coincidence if you like - otherwise we would never have been able to have returned the money to its rightful owner.

Feels good when there is a happy ending.

There is one more small part to the story though, on the Saturday following this my wife won £10 on the UK Lottery. Not exactly the millions she/we had hoped for, but really it was exactly the right amount.

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  1. youre honest but its the right thing to do

  2. I don't think I have ever found a coin, or any paper money. It's odd how your wife finds so many. An interesting story.

  3. I don't think I have ever found a coin, or any paper money. It's odd how your wife finds so many. An interesting story.

  4. Great story. Hope the boy someday remembers and realizes the perfect synchronistic timing! And what an odd twist there at the end, with your wife winning exactly what she had found and returned. Pretty cool. You two must be living in the groove, Mike.

  5. I agree with Trish....y'all are definitely 'living in the flow.'

    Wonderful story!

  6. That sounds nice - living in the groove / flow.

  7. You won the lottery for being honest. Honesty seems hard to find these days.

    When I'm out walking I sometimes find money, but then I'm looking at the ground or I get an inkling to look down. Most often it is only a penny or smaller coins. Once I found almost a handful of small chain in a little depression in a park as if it had spilled out of someone's pocket by accident. If you do see a penny on the street or elsewhere it is a good idea to pick it up as its considered bad luck not to. Your other money could begin to disappear if you don't. I used to put the amounts in a book and add the list up at the end of the year. The most I picked up one year was about $50. I take it as a sign that something better is coming along.

  8. Barbara: My wife always collects the coins she sees, no matter how small. She has a pot where she keeps them - there are hundreds and hundreds in the pot! No idea what they would total in value. I rarely see them myself, even though we mostly walk together,

  9. Sean04:17

    I used to find money quite regularly when I lived in Amsterdam.To be honest I usually put this down to people being slightly more ,erm, "relaxed" when wandering the streets.There was one occasion however when my good fortune led to a friend declaring me as something of a warlock.We all worked for free in a hostel in the red light district and were always light on funds.One weekend a co-worker invited us for a weekend to her home in Leiden.As usual we were broke and as we left the hostel I turned to my co-worker "Philo"( I include his name cos` I figure that if ever there was a site that someone I haven`t seen in twenty years might happen across a story in which they appear it`s this one!) and said "Oh man!Travelling all that way without cigarettes!Nightmare!"We left the hostel as a group and headed towards the station(I was listening to the Walkman that I had purchased after exchanging the 50,000 peseta note that I had found after cleaning the room of a group of Spanish students who had just left(but that`s another story)) As we crossed the road towards the station I noticed a 50 Gilda note laying on the floor.I picked it up and turned to Philo saying "look what I just found".It was only when I turned back the other way that I saw the tobacconist shop on the other side of the road.I bought cigarettes for everyone and thanks to Karma my predicted "nightmare nicotineless journey" was averted!This coupled with all the other money I just happened across did however(as I said) lead Philo to the conclusion that there was something "not quite right" about me.I gave up smoking ages ago but I`m still quite lucky when it comes to finding or winning money(I actually won two grand on the lottery after having a dream about the amount I would win(dreaming the numbers would be handier!!!) and took two mates back to Amsterdam for a lost weekend)

  10. Anonymous01:41

    One of my favourite stories like this one was featured on a show about Urban Legends, this one was the one true story, the others were false.
    A boy was hit by a soccerball at a game. The ball struck his chest and when it did it stopped his heart. A woman in the crowd, who was a nurse, performed CPR on the boy and saved his life. She was not supposed to have been at the game that day but it was quiet at the hospital, so they sent her home. Without her being there, he may have died.
    Years later, the woman was out for breakfast at a local mom and pop restaurant when she began to choke. Just when it seemed there was no one there who new basic first aid, one of the young men who worked at the restaurant stepped forward and dislodged the offending food chunk, thus saving the woman's life. He was not supposed to be at work that day, but decided to come in anyway. Had he not been there, the woman who had saved his life previously at a soccer game that she was not supposed to attend, would have died leaving this amazing circle of serendipity, incomplete. Yup, when he realized who she was and she realized the same thing, they shared an amazing moment of joy at the unbelievable coincidence in which they had unknowingly participated. Talk about reciprocity!