Tuesday, July 6

Picking Up An Identity - A Telepathic Link

yoga poseQuite a few years ago one of the many things I experimented with was mind training and I followed a course on this.

One of the aspects was to train the mind by various exercises. An example was to lie down and then raise the legs - but only in the mind and not physically. It's harder to do than describe!

This in turn led to what was called 'picking up an identity.' A sort of telepathic link with someone else.

The tutor, Edgar, described how he first tried to do this. His subject was someone well known to him:

muscle man clip art"With no idea just how it would work and no fixed plans on what I would do when I had taken over the identity, I slowly relaxed, dispersed the feeling of my own body and built up my new identity.

Holding this, I replaced my subconscious feelings of my present surroundings with those of a gymnasium. Why I cannot say, it just happened.

I mentally looked at the vaulting horse until I could almost believe it was there. I mentally held out my hand to touch it and tried to implant the sensation of the touch into my mind. I tried to vault it and do all manner of actions that would be utterly impossible for the person whose identity I had borrowed to perform.

I swung from a trapeze, stood on my head, jumped a vaulting horse, climbed from ropes and swung from rafters with an ease that a monkey would have envied!

One strange thing would occur however. I was not sufficiently experienced to hold the identity all the time and I would let it slip and automatically pick up my own again.

Whenever this happened I would feel my own heart beating rapidly and I would begin to perspire. It must be understood that this involved no movement whatever on my part. All the actions were purely mental.

After a while I became tired and the whole incident now seemed farcial: I was indeed glad that I had discussed this with no one.

The following morning I met the subject of my experiment (the man whose identity he had tried to take over). Having wished him a "Good morning." I enquired after his health in my usual manner by saying, "How are you?"

"I'm as stiff as a board," he replied. "You'd think I'd run a hundred miles last night."

"You shouldn't overdo the gardening," I smiled, "a man of your age."

"Gardening!" he exclaimed. "I never saw it, I spent the whole night reading in front of the fire."

"Then perhaps it's a touch of flu," I continued, fishing for a reasonable explanation. "You often ache all over when a cold is coming on. Did you sweat at all, or feel out of breath?"

He eyed me curiously for a moment. "Trying to give me a cold or something?" he asked.

I smiled to disarm his suspicions and changed the subject but all the while he would interrupt our conversation with, "My darned back. I feel as though somebody has tried to kick me from here to Christmas."

So had there been any connection between Edgar and his subject? Edgar was of the opinion that there was and that it can't have been a coincidence. He said, "His mind had picked up my actions through the subconscious and reacted the same way as if he had done the physical jerks himself."

This was the beginning of Edgar's claimed ability to take over other peoples identities. It all starts with being able to perform actions in your own mind - perhaps walking about a room, while actually sitting in a chair and so on.

Is this sort of thing really possible? It can only really be proved or disproved by personal experience.

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  1. Fascinating story. I wonder if this is what psychic spies do?

  2. not sure i can quite take this 1 in mike. if true think of the possibilities and dangers.

  3. Among the dangers Tom mentioned would be attracting negative karma.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Barbara and Tom: I think you are both right, it could be a dangerous practice - if indeed it could be fully mastered. Like all things anything done to harm the recipient would be returned via karma.

    Trish and Rob: Could be, but spies are probably only trying to view what is happening or being thought,