Friday, July 2

Russian Device Stores Psychic Energy

I'm not sure what to make of the following. It's supposedly from someone, an American Professor, who has witnessed certain things, based on psychic energy, within Russia. I'll publish what was sent to me and you can draw your own conclusions - if any!

Top Secret"I saw effects of psychic energy produced by Russian ESP researchers for which people would have been burned as witches years ago and many Americans are still not ready to accept as possible.

Among the things I saw were: a device that stores psychic energy, then discharges it. Hypnotism taking place by telepathy and a young scientist trained to make objects move by mind power alone.

I saw them with my own eyes, these were not stage tricks, but part of an official Russian Government backed program in ESP research.

The Russians are pinning a lot on being able to outstrip the world on ESP knowledge and from what I saw, they may well do so.

One of the most spectacular demonstrations I have ever seen in my life was that of a Russian device called a psychotrenic generator* - a small metal object, shaped like a pyramid.

This device is designed to receive psychic energy, store it and then use it. A medium or other person with psychic power sits by the device and simply pours his or her energy into it.

Then a scientist showed me one of its uses. Before him were two glass jars of waste water from a clothing plant. The water was thoroughly dirty, full of pieces of cloth and other rubbish, actually a sludge.

In the first jar the scientist put ordinary pieces of metal. Nothing whatever happened. The water remained a sludge.

In the second jar he placed the psychotrenic generator which had been charged by a medium with psychic energy. Astonishingly, I saw all the dirt and sludge in the water fall to the bottom of the jar leaving clear, pure water at the top.

Imagine being able to control water pollution by means of psychic energy. Russian scientists may at some future date be able to do just that.

I was told that once energy had been placed into the device, it can be stored for long periods and even sent around the world if necessary without losing its force.

Today Russian researchers are not only able to make objects move by the force of the mind alone, they are at work training others in this power.

I spoke to one woman, a psychology professor at Moscow University, who had been trained to accomplish this feat.

On a table with a clear top were two cylinders. She made the cylinders roll across the table simply by willing them to move and could move them in two different directions at once.

Afterwards she told me she had been trained to control matter with her mind. It had taken her two years to reach proficiency.

The process she said was first to believe that it could be done. Then she learned to concentrate all her energy into her finger tips and direct power towards the objects to be moved.

The Russians are able to train people in the use of psychic power and to make awesome advances. They are spending large sums of money on ESP research.

Until the US does the same, Russian progress in ESP will remain years or decades ahead of ours."

*This is the Professor's spelling. I have seen on the Internet a 'psychotronic' generator mentioned, such as on this 2006 Discussion Group - but that is something different.

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  1. The Russians did a lot of this in the 1970s, which is one of the reasons the US government started Stargate, their remote viewing program. It's intriguing that the Russians are still conducting this kind of research and training. Neat post.

  2. Humans have been conditioned for centuries that anything psychic or paranormal was the work of the devil. Belief in anything will help the mind focus. Everyone has an ability to be intuitive or psychic. It's a matter of practice, desire and belief.

  3. I can believe this to be true. It would by short sighted to think otherwise. Powers are meant to be developed - hopefully for good.

  4. That's amazing. I am really looking for a blog about your post and thans for sharing this.

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