Friday, July 6

The Ghost Who Wanted Sex With Kate

Girl in bed with ghost

I wasn't sure if to publish the following email or not. It's a follow-up to the post The Ghost Sitting On Kate's Bed. As you will read, the story has moved on into an area I haven't read about before, or personally even thought about. But, if the author David Conway, experienced Tickling Ghosts then why shouldn't Kate experience what she has.

"Thanks for printing my story. It's good to know that some people believe me even if my parents and friends don't.

I said in my last email that the ghost I saw hadn't reappeared but now he has. I haven't told anyone, other than writing this, as I know no one will believe me.

I was in my bedroom and I saw the ghost out of the corner of my eye. It was as if he was to one side of me in my peripheral vision. At the same time something touched my shoulder, like a gentle squeeze. That was it until I went to bed that night. I can't explain why, but this time I didn't feel scared.

I fell asleep and was dreaming deeply of some young man with a strange smile, maybe the ghost I had seen in my last email to you.

He started massaging my chest area and it felt almost electrical or vibratory. I woke up and looked around my bedroom in the dark but couldn't see or hear anything. I lay still and then the touching started again but I was definitely wide awake this time.

My heart was thumping loudly but I didn't object as I was partly enjoying the sensations. The tingling of the touch moved towards my stomach and I then suddenly came to my senses and sat up quickly saying, "Go away, go away!"

That was it. The touching stopped immediately leaving me very confused. Eventually I fell asleep again.

In the morning I thought about what had happened but I did't feel frightened any more. I came to the conclusion that the ghost wanted to have sex with me, but maybe I simply have an over active imagination. I wouldn't want that to happen any way.

It's now been two days and nights since that happened. I know this may sound silly but I'm almost disappointed that the young man ghost hasn't returned.

I will let you know if anything else happens. You have my permission to print this email on your website if you wish.

Thank you for listening to me.

~ Kate"

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  1. I've had a few erotic dreams but nothing like that! I didn't know ghosts were capable of doing such things. I will view them differently from now on, if I ever view one in the first instance.

    1. Kate says she was definitely awake, though I see other comments that some readers doubt this.

  2. "and I then suddenly came to my senses and sat up quickly saying, "Go away, go away!""

    IMO, this is the point of waking. Anything that happens while you are in bed has a great likelihood of being sleep/dream related.

    Something tells me that Kate's experiences are more driven by brain activity than anything else.

    I have a friend who works in a sleep center. Some of the stories the people tell are amazing and they are all positive they were awake in part or all thru their experiences.

    Scott McMan

    1. Do we realise if we are asleep or not? Kate says she was definitely awake - but the mind is complex to fully understand.

  3. thats a strange one I wonder if it was a dream rather than anything else

  4. Anonymous16:26

    Sounds like a sexually frustrated 17 year old to me.


  6. I've read and heard other accounts like this one. It's easy for the rest of us to dismiss is as a dream or frustration or whatever, but it's HER experience. If ghosts can haunt places, if poltergeists can move stuff, why not this?

    1. I'm with you Trish, it's what she believes and it's her experience, so who are we to judge. The post I published about the Tickling Ghosts was by a respected author - and he experienced 'ghosts' tickling him as a child.

  7. I'm just waiting for chapter 3.

  8. Anonymous15:07

    I have had something very similar happen to me. Except that I didn't "wake" up for it to stop.

  9. Spirits can and do this and more.

    The electrical sensation is the spirit stimulating the nerves to induce excitement. Faeries and Demons can also do this though each in a different way.

    In New Zealand, the Paitu Parehe Faeries (male ones anyway) use the soundwaves from their flutes to excite woman. Red haired indegenous people or pale skinned indegenous people (albino) are said to be their children with human women.

    In response to her just being "sexually frustrated" even if that were true , which you have no evidence to prove it, that makes it more likely to be a spirit.

    Secually frustrated individuals are more likely to attract these spirits, especially if they masturbate frequently. Now clearly that doesn't mean all frustrated all people like that will be in that situation, there are other factors here, but shades (ghosts) and other creatures often feed on human energy and sex generates the power they need especially.

    That's why some of us in the.Craft use sex magick. Easy to build up energy without even trying.

    In addition to that, Paranormal Investigators have found a correlations to certain emotional or physical changes in a woman.

    Usually, Teen Gitls in puberty. Or older women while in their menstraul cycles.

  10. I really appreciate with this incident, bt im quite disappoint also that Kate woke up. So now waiting for the reveals what happen after two days.