Saturday, July 3

The Pentewan Squidoo Coincidence

Pentewan Harbour and Harbour Master's Cottage
Pentewan Harbour, Cornwall
A while back I wrote a Squidoo lens about a short walk my wife and I often do, here in Cornwall, which leads to Pentewan beach. It's nothing spectacular but on the way there is a river path, woods, a small village, a beach and finally the sea. It's all very pleasant on a sunshine day when we don't fancy anything more strenuous.

We went on the walk today to stretch our legs. I had been writing on the computer and my wife had been making our future daughter-in-law's wedding dress. It was a lovely day and it's always uplifting to view the sea with a blue sky stretching above.

Ship Inn, Pentewan, CornwallWe didn't see all that many people on the walk but on our return saw an older couple setting off and glancing at a sheet of paper - which I presumed were details of the local footpaths. Somehow we got talking to them briefly and, sure enough, their instruction sheet was a copy of my Squidoo lens!

So that turned out to be my coincidence of the day. There didn't appear to be any other connection between the other couple and ourselves so off they went.

Pentewan Woods, Cornwall
I do very little on Squidoo but somehow I seem to qualify for $20 to $40 each month, which is sent direct to my Paypal account.

Originally I was going to write lots of lenses about Cornish walks of all different lengths, together with photos. Somehow though I never quite got round to doing this. Now that I know some people may actually be taking note of the Pentewan walk perhaps I might just get round to completing a few more ... but there again, the sun is shining, there is a blue sky and it's hard to stay for too long in front of a computer, there is a whole world waiting ...

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  1. I love Cornwall, you are so lucky living there and what a coincidence to meet someone using your details. As you know I sometimes do Squidoo as well (hint).

  2. like cornwall as well specially the beaches. i go surfing at newquay often.

  3. What a cool synchro. From these photos, it looks like you live in paradise!

  4. Thanks Suzie, Tom and Trish & Rob. Yes, I like living in Cornwall but it's not quite 'paradise' unfortunately! Especially in the rain.