Sunday, August 8

It's Going To Be A Special Day

Rainbow clip artIt was pelting down with rain this morning here in Cornwall but my wife and I still went out for a walk. We met a neighbour who said, "What a miserable day."

For an instant I nearly agreed with her. Then I realised I wasn't the least bit miserable and the day was actually pretty good. It's our son's birthday and he has invited all the family over to his house for a barbecue - okay, that might not work out - but it'll still be a fun time, lots of laughs plus I'll see everyone including my wonderful 18 day old grandson.

Family, laughter, something good to eat, maybe a glass of red wine - what could be more perfect!

This all reminded me of something I'd been reading amongst my clippings file yesterday. I believe it was by David J Schwartz but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, this is what it reads:

"One morning I was driving my son, David, to school. It was a rainy, relatively cold day. The radio was tuned to the news and weather station.

The weather man was saying, 'Sorry folks, but we've got bad weather in store for you today. And to make things even worse, we hold no hope for any relief in the next 48 hours. It's going to continue to be damp, cold and unpleasant. It may freeze and if it does, we're in for real trouble ...'

When he finally finished, David, who is 9, turned to me and said, "Dad, why doesn't that man let us decide what sort of day it is? I thought it was pretty exciting, but hearing him almost makes me feel we ought to stay home and go to bed."

David didn't know it was a 'bad' day until the weather man told him it was."

Doesn't this just illustrate how other people, and the media in general, can alter our judgement of how things are? Guess it's up to us not to let them.

Have a very special day!

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  1. Wonderful story! It's the glass half full/half-empty sort of thing. Have a terrific day with your family.

  2. I have similar issues with the media. :) I prefer to choose how I see the day/news/weather.