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The Reincarnation Of The Cathars Priest Roger de Grisolles

Cathars being expelledA story today featuring the author and psychiatrist Arthur Guirdham (1905-1992) and about his belief in mass reincarnation.

Guirdham's belief in reincarnation started following his seeing a patient, who was referred to him because of possible epilepsy. She had been having strange nightmares, since a teenager, where she felt that she was a peasant girl in Toulouse, France in the thirteenth century. In her dream her family befriended a priest named Roger de Grisolles who eventually died in prison. The girl was burnt at the stake.

A strange dream but even more bizarre was the fact that Arthur Guirdham had also had dreams since childhood similar to those of his patient.

Mrs. Amanda Smith, his patient, told him that she recognised him as being Roger de Grisolles as featured in her nightmares. Guirdham became convinced that this was true.

Guirdham did some research and found out that there was a priest by that name, who was murdered in 1242. Both the girl and the priest were members of the medieval religious sect called Cathars. The picture, top right, shows the Cathars being expelled.

The Cathars were persecuted and eventually wiped out by the Inquisition in southern France. Records of their trials still exist in Church records.

This wasn't the end of the story though as more women, from the Bath area in England, started coming forward saying that they too had related flashbacks to the 13th century. This brought Guirdham to the conclusion that an almost unbelievable occurrence had happened - mass reincarnation.

Going back to Mrs. Smith, as the book The Cathars & Reincarnation describes, she was able to record songs from the Cathar period, which were later found in the archives of the Languedoc region of France. She was also able to draw and describe old French jewellery, coins and even the layouts of various buildings of the thirteenth century and in particular a Church where religious prisoners were held.

Many readers will no doubt not accept this story as being proof of reincarnation, even though Arthur Guirdham was a respected psychiatrist - he was a skeptic on the subject himself until he met Mrs. Smith - but it's very puzzling how this woman could have possibly known such details about the Cathars. Especially as she recorded songs from the period in a diary when only 13 years of age. It was not until years later that these were proved to be correct.

It's up to us to decide for ourselves as to whether reincarnation is fact or fiction. I must say that it rings true to me.

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  1. This is a good one! And convincing. One of the best in recent years is about James Laninger, whose knowledge of WWII plans astonished his parents and initiated his father's seaach for proof.

  2. I believe in reincarnation, and think we actually have groups that we reincarnate with - those that are part of our soul group.

  3. Anonymous06:51

    When I hear stories like this I really wish I had the time to research more. I'm always curious about the numbers.

    For example, if these past events included a 1,000 souls and there are 10 that reconnect in a current time/location. I wonder where or when the others may be.

    Or, are they in the neighborhood but don't have the dreams, or acknowledge the coincidences, that could facilitate a mass reconnection. :)

  4. Trish & Rob: Thanks for the link.

    Nancy: Must admit the Soul Group theory appeals to me. Maybe it's why we can sometimes make almost instant friends - even if it's not our nature to normally do this.

    terripatrick: 'Where are the others?' Now there's something to ponder! That'll be on my mind for the rest of today.

  5. Anonymous17:58

    I never believed in reincarnation. Even in my past lives.

  6. Anonymous17:46

    How does God "suggest" things to people? Who else has been around for millennia and also has that ability?

  7. Anonymous20:56

    I read this book sometime ago. As I remember it was very good.
    The best book to read on past lives (IMHO) is The Bloxham Tapes.Proff. Bloxham was probably the first to do past lives through hypnosis.