Monday, August 23

Photos Of The UFO Clouds

Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA
UFO cloud
Many skeptics do their best to dismiss UFOs, and it's true that many turn out not to be the real thing. Along with the likes of weather balloons, satellites and so on lenticular clouds can also be mistaken as UFOs.

I've put together a collection of photos showing these lenticular clouds and I guess some do look the traditional, what I see as 1950s, UFO shape. See what you make of the pictures. I actually like clouds no matter what they turn out to be. Oh, and yes, I do believe in aliens and UFOs.

Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA
Lenticular clouds
Colorado, USA
UFO lenticular clouds
South Georgia Island
Lenticular clouds
Loch Broom, Scotland, UK
Clouds often mistaken for UFOs
South Georgia Island
UFO clouds
Over Antarctica
Lenticular UFO clods over Antartica
Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes, Hawaii.
Lenticular cloudsPhoto Source

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  1. great great photos the 1st looks like a 50s as u call it ufo. never heard of these clouds b4 but impressed

  2. Lovely photos Mike. Thanks for discovering and sharing. This is the second new cloud formation I've learned about in the past month. Ever heard of mammatus?

    wv: evessed (evanesced?)

    The first wv (before i signed in) was 'hythin'. (high thin?)

    All about clouds, it seems!

  3. Love these! Lenticular clouds figured in a bermuda triangle experience that rob's co-author for The Fog had while he was flying to the Bahamas. That was the first time I'd ever heard of these clouds.

  4. musingegret: Never heard of mammatus clouds - I'll do some research. I love clouds though I don't know all of the names.

    Trish and Rob: A Bermuda Triangle experience - that's interesting. I've never seen lenticular clouds myself, only in photos and the such. One day perhaps I'll be in the right place.