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10 Stories About Reincarnation

Reincarnation stories

I've published a few post recently combining 10 stories on a particular theme, such as: coincidences, ghosts, UFOs, Cornwall and so on. As they seem to be quite popular another set of ten today, this time stories about reincarnation.

The Reincarnation Of The Cathars Priest Roger de Grisolles
A strange dream but even more bizarre was the fact that Arthur Guirdham had also had dreams since childhood similar to those of his patient. Mrs. Amanda Smith, his patient, told him that she recognised him as being Roger de Grisolles as featured in her nightmares ... Read full story

The Law Of Re-Embodiment Or Reincarnation
Re-embodiment manifests in all planes, upon all worlds and planets. That we may comprehend it better let us look at the action of this law in the several kingdoms on this world of ours. Read full story

WW1 Reincarnation
The Reincarnation Of A World War I 1914 Soldier
Under regression / therapy Terry saw a picture. "It was of a woman of about forty-five years old, dressed in early century style, sitting at, but not playing, a grand piano, which was in remarkably old wood. Standing in front of a heavily draped window was a man of ... Read full story

The Reincarnation Of Brian Blessed's Brother
Brian Blessed is a larger than life British actor who is fortunate enough to have met the Dalai Lama more than once. During one of the visits the Dalai Lama passed on remarkable information about reincarnation to Blessed. First though ... Read full story

Henry Ford And Reincarnation
I didn't realise that Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947) was a believer in reincarnation, until I came across this interview he gave to the San Francisco Examiner on the 26th of August 1928. He makes some interesting points in favour of the belief: "I adopted ... Read Full Story

The Reincarnation Of Phil Collins
Phil Collins has come out, with his belief that he has had previous lives. He revealed this in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. It seems that Phil was told by a psychic that he had fought at the battle of the Alamo in a previous life and, what's more, he fully believes this to be true ... Read full story

A Glimpse Of Her Death In A Former Life
"I had cause some years back to go and collect a load of straw from some farm buildings in Gloucestershire. A colleague, Anne, came with me for the ride, which I undertook in a small lorry, not much bigger than a pick-up truck. I collected ... Read full story

James Fletcher
The Reincarnation of James Fletcher
Edward Ryall hails from Benfleet in Essex and appears to have clear memories of a previous life when he was named John Fletcher some 300+ years ago. Edward says, "I am 99% certain that reincarnation is the only ... Read full story

Reincarnation Gave Couple A Second Chance
"When a young man I occasionally had very vivid dreams, so real that they seemed like visions. I dreamed the following when I was 22 years old and remember it as if it was yesterday. At the time I was a bachelor and had several young women" ... Read full story

The Scars And Wounds Of Reincarnation
It's sometimes said that physical defects we may be born with are carried over from a previous life. Many will strongly disagree with this, which is why religion and beliefs are a very personal ... Read full story

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  1. I've read most of these but still can't make up my mind about reincarnation. As you have written it does solve some of the answers about the wrongs of the world and gives time to sort them out with karma. Living on after death is still a mystery to me. I wish I could believe in something.

    1. I guess none of us really know, all we can do is theorise (unfortunately).

  2. I'm a fan of reincarnation,that's why there is a sticker on my wheelie-bin saying "We recycle" .-)

    1. It's compulsory for us in the UK to recycle so a parallel with life perhaps.

  3. I love these 10-story roundups you're doing. More, more!

  4. In the mid 1970’s I belonged to a group that did serious paranormal research. One of the things I read about was reincarnation from factual accounts of gathered scientific tested data. One of the things mentioned was that children up to the age of about 6 years old frequently remember who they were in past lives. I worked out a set of simple questions and with permission of mothers that were friends asked them to their children.
    My girlfriend was a divorced lady from Colombia South America and had just brought her six year old son over to the UK. He did not speak any English and my Spanish was not good so I asked her to translate exactly what I said. She was superstitious and did not like these things and said was a lot of rubbish. But asked anyway, The boy said that he lived in a village which she new the name of with his old mother and father and was about 30 miles from where they lived in Colombia, but which the boy couldn’t have possibly known about and could not read and write. He explained about the place and that when he died in an accident she became his new mother. She was freaked out and refused to ask anymore questions and I could not as the boy was upset and language problem. About 20 years later the boy met the Dalai Lama through his work in TV Company and some time later just disappeared his family think he went to live in Tibet. No one has heard from him since, I was very upset at the time that he did not tell me when Dalai Lama was at company as I wanted to meet him but boy said it was secret and no one to know he was filming.