Sunday, September 19

Bizarre 999 Calls

A lightweight Sunday post today about the Devon and Cornwall Police and what they class as some of their bizarre 999 phone calls (the UK emergency number). These have been released under the Freedom Of Information Act - not too sure though why they would ever want to be kept secret.

Here are a few examples about UFOs and ghosts:

A gentleman from Callington, Cornwall, reported his wife and dog being abducted by aliens. Unfortunately we don't know if he ever got his wife and dog back.

Another man phoned to say he had spotted a UFO over a pie factory in Okehampton, Devon. I guess even aliens get hungry.

And someone phoned to report 'a long, white cylinder thing, like a train in the sky, with orange balls moving slowly upwards and in all different directions'. Most uncomfortable.

Officers told of an emergency call from a man who had seen the ghosts of 'two old ladies.' The police log recorded what these two ghosts were doing: 'The ghosts of two old ladies in a white Ford Fiesta came onto the A38 carriageway facing the wrong way. They stopped on the hard shoulder, trying to reverse back up the off slip.' So, do ghosts need driving licences and insurance?

Yet another ghost report was recorded: 'Caller states he has got a ghost on CCTV. Caller wanted advice on who he could contact as the footage was going to make him a million. Advised to go to the press.'

One caller claimed a spectre gave him a 'horrible hairstyle and some dodgy photos.' The ghost seemingly was Paul Newman!

The Police spokesperson said about 999 calls: 'Our call centre operators take many types of calls and the vast majority are for emergencies or relate to non urgent inquiries of one type or another. There are occasions though when a more unusual call is received. These are all dealt with professionally by our highly trained staff who access and process them in an appropriate way.'

It's good to know we can sleep safe in our beds.

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  1. i bet they get a lot of daft calls ans time wasters