Monday, September 13

Gratitude The Sacred Secret And The Law Of Attraction

A personal coincidence story today. In the 80s I was a manager of a finance company and had a very personable assistant, Ian.

I would describe Ian as a free spirit and we had a great working relationship. It was a fun time to actually go to work. Unfortunately for me Ian decided to move on to fresh pastures and eventually moved to Australia. Occasionally he would be back in England and would pop in to see me and my wife.

He was always full of enthusiasm and had some sort of new project and experience to follow. He would then fade away from the scene and move on to live in other countries: Sweden, India, Cyprus, USA. When in the UK we sometimes saw him for an update on his life. At times I almost felt quite envious.

We haven't seen Ian now for quite a few years and on our walk yesterday I said to my wife, "I wonder what happened to Ian, wonder where he is in the world and what he's doing."

We chatted about Ian and then moved on to something else.

Out of the blue, today, I received the card below from Ian. He's living in Australia and is now a home business coach and trainer.

Ian and his gratitude card
As you will see the theme of his message is all about gratitude. It's something that followers of the Law of Attraction often emphasise. In Jack Canfield's book The Key To Living The Law Of Attraction he writes:

"The best attitude you can possibly aspire to is one of gratitude ... being truly grateful for what is already present in your life will automatically and effortlessly attract more good into your life. Make a conscious decision to appreciate and acknowledge all that you have already been blessed with ..."

The book goes on to suggest that readers should start a Gratitude Journal, which is what Ian seems to be doing.

As is often the way in life, once you have a theme being directed at you coincidences pop up - in this case about being grateful.

I opened up a book just now which belonged to my best friend, He died and his wife gave me a few of his books. This was one I hadn't read. The page in front of me was about Meditation and Gratitude and read:

"Now, here is the real mystery of gratitude - it opens your soul and heart, it takes the toil out of labour, turns compulsion to willingness, transforms obligation to lovingness; it is unlocking of the spirit, a freedom from guilt, and opening of your consciousness as a faciliating function in every day matters. It is the sacred secret ..."

The book* goes on to tell of other benefits of meditation and gratitude combined.

All of this fits together pesonally: talking about Ian, recieving the card from him, looking again at the Law of Attraction, opening my friend's book to a page about gratitude.

I interpret all this as a personal message - so think I'd better take heed!

I'm sure that many of us don't always express our gratitude, for so many aspects of life, as perhaps we should.

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*The book mentioned is called The Magic Road and is a publication of The Seekers Trust.

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  1. Wonderful post. If we all practiced this on a daily basis, what a different sort of world me might live in. I think the Hicks calls this "practicing rampaging appreciation."

  2. A great post, Mike, you've hit the nail on the head. If only we were all a bit more grateful, what a difference it would make. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. rampaging appreciation sounds good. interesting.

  4. Ohhhh, this is such a feel good post, Mike. I'm forwarding the link to several ones I love. I agree with Tom---love that phrase Trish/Rob. Thank you for sharing.

    Also, Mike, allow me to express my personal appreciation for your blog; it's a joy to read every day. I feel like I have a friend across the pond.

    BTW, in reference to an earlier post. Have y'all ever travelled to the Scilly Isles? It looks beautiful and is so close to you!

  5. musingegret: Thanks so much.

    Yes, we have been to the Scilly Isles. We usually go on a day trip by boat - there is a regular run from Penzance (though the sea is often very choppy). There are also helicopter trips from the mainland but this is quite expensive.

    It is a lovely spot, especially in the sunshine.

    Appreciate your friendship,

  6. Anonymous06:26

    I'm grateful for you and this reminder. This is the third message to me today to realign with the flow, meditate and be grateful. :)