Sunday, September 12

A Weaver Stung By A Weever

Weever Fish
As it's Sunday a bit of a fluffy coincidence story today from south Wales.

It was a beautiful sunny day so, as you do on such days, John Weaver took to the water on the lovely Gower peninsular at Caswell Bay.

He was having a great time until he was stung by a poisonous fish - and it was a weever fish.

Okay, a slightly different spelling to John's surname but still a coincidence and it made the chief lifeguard smile. He said, "While everyone concerned saw the funny side of this story, weever fish stings can be very painful. The regular treatment is for the foot to be immersed in as hot water as the casualty can tolerate, for up to 20 minutes. If necessary, they may have to endure another 20 minutes in hot water to take the poison out of the foot."

The chances of being stung by a weever fish are actually very small but there was another victim that day: Dan Weaver - yes, John's son. He too was stung by a weever fish.

And how many other victims were there that day? Well none. In fact the lifeguards had no other incidents to deal with all day - other than those two weavers being stung by a weever!

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