Tuesday, April 27

The Law Of Attraction Powered By Visualisation

pianoI have written previously about visualisation and how it can bring about the things that we wish for. There was also an interesting post along similar lines from Trish and Rob's blog titled Manifesting The Brunette.

This reminded me of something I heard a while back about a woman who wanted a piano. I'll call her Anne.

Anne decided she would try out the power of visualisation to get herself a piano. She didn't visualise the money to buy one because she knew her husband would be annoyed if she spent this on such an item, when there were so many other things they needed.

She started to visualise the piano she wanted and even cleared a space in her living room ready for when it arrived. Every day she would pretend to dust and polish her imaginary piano and got excited about the thought of soon being able to play her favourite music.

After about 10 days, out of the blue, a salesman phoned to ask if she wanted to buy a new piano. She smiled to herself and told him that she did but didn't have the money to do so.

Instead of getting down about this she saw the phone call as a sign that her visualisation was beginning to work. Her excitement and anticipation almost reached fever pitch and every day she 'saw' her piano in the space she had cleared.

Several days later she was on a crowded bus and gave up her seat to an elderly lady. They got off the bus together at the same stop. The lady dropped her umbrella and Anne picked it up for her. They got chatting and the woman said, "I suppose you don't happen to know anyone who would store a piano, do you? I have to go abroad for a while and I want to let someone use it for three years in lieu of storage."

Anne was spellbound. The law of attraction, powered by her visualisation, had worked.

She received her piano for three years and for free. Encouraged by this Anne went on to use visualisation constantly in her life.

By the time the elderly lady came to claim back her piano Anne's circumstances had improved dramatically and she was able to buy herself a brand new piano.

As with all things practice makes perfect. Once we believe in visualisation, and have demonstrated this as something that really works, then all things are possible.

In Richard Ingalese classic book The History and Power of Mind, written back in the early 1900s, he writes about the Law of Opulence:

"If you will but persist in your faith there can be no limit to your possibilities. If you can demonstrate a piece of carpet three feet long you can demonstrate a million dollars. If you can cure a headache you can cure in the course of time any disease; if you can demonstrate a seat in the street car you can demonstrate a seat in Congress, in time. If you can be happy a week you can be happy for a lifetime, because what can be done in a small degree can, with persistency, be done in a large degree."

He goes on to say: "This much is true, if you persist for two years to use consciously these laws in your daily affairs of life, by the end of that time your environment will have changed sufficiently, and demonstrations enough will have been made, to prove to you that you are dealing with Law."

I agree with what he says completely.

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  1. Anonymous18:24

    Great story!
    My sister did something similar. While dreaming to someday have a piano of her own, she visited the local piano store daily to play her favorites. The staff was happy to let her do so because she was very good and it was a nice benefit to have customers hear live piano music while they shopped.

    Eventually an old piano arrived, donated from an estate. The exterior condition needed a lot of care but the quality was good. My sister fell in love the character and sound of that piano and was saving a few dollars a week in hope of buying it. Within only a few months the store needed to clear inventory and instead delivered it to her home for free.

    She was able to use the cash she'd saved to get it tuned. She worked at improving the exterior condition for years and eventually her finances improved enough to have it professionally restored to museum standards. She still plays it today.

  2. terripatrick: Great story about your sister - there must be something about pianos!

  3. Another interesting story, Mike. I'm afraid I don't have a piano story! My grandad used to play by ear, which was quite unusual!!

  4. Incredible story. I absolutely agree with the Law of Opulence. This is one of those stories you retell over dinner!

    Thanks for mentioning our blog, Mike.

  5. Hello Mike,
    I discovered your blog yesterday, and I spent a great deal of time going over these stories. I love this stuff.
    I have so many coincidences and sychronicities happen with me, and I have meant to write down the most significant ones. Many have to do with my dad after he passed, but most are just random, seemingly, that is, because I, too, am at a loss to explain what they might mean, although I am inclined to believe they must have some message. If these events are messages, then they are often pretty bad messengers!
    Do you have a forum for readers to post their own experiences aside from the comment option?
    I have subscribed to your page so I will be following your updates. I'm looking forward to them!
    Thanks, Mike!

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