Sunday, September 5

The Red Balloon Coincidence Update

An update on the post The Red Balloon Coincidence.

You may remember that this is a coincidence about a small girl, Laura Buxton, who released a balloon which was subsequently picked up by a girl, of exactly the same name and age and sharing many other similarities.

The small girl is now grown up and here's a note I received from Dawn, who is Laura's mother:


I don't usually do this kind of thing but feel I have to!

Laura Buxton that released the balloon is my daughter and she is now 19 years old.

The balloon did deflate and was found in the garden hedge.

The girls are still very good friends and meet up as and when time and commitments allow them - in fact, they are meeting again at the end of September before they both go back to University.

There have been many things written and many questions asked - we have no idea why this happened but it did and out of it has come a wonderful friendship.


The reference to the balloon deflating is because, in my original post, I didn't make it clear that this had happened. To clarify, the balloon was released and then landed in a hedge 140 miles away.

What is good to hear is that the girls are still 'wonderful friends' some ten years after the amazing coincidence happened.

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  1. how great to get such a follow up and to hear that the two girls are still friends. preordained or what.

  2. I remember reading the original story. Perhaps this will squash some of the doubters who thought it wasn't a true.

  3. Love updates like this one. I remember this story, too.