Wednesday, October 27

A Glimpse Of Her Death In A Former Life

Here's a strange, or maybe not so strange, story about a time shift and seeing into the past and perhaps a former life. This is from a Mr.Thomas, a bit formal, but there we go.

"I had cause some years back to go and collect a load of straw from some farm buildings in Gloucestershire. A colleague, Anne, came with me for the ride, which I undertook in a small lorry, not much bigger than a pick-up truck.

I collected the straw and took this to the lorry. I noticed that Anne looked a little strained when I got ready to drive back, but I didn't mention the fact to her.

After we had delivered the straw she told me what had happened at the farm.

She said that as soon as I had left the cab, to load the straw, the whole place changed. She was now in a courtyard with other buildings at the side of the yard.

She saw herself as standing in the centre of the courtyard but as a young woman of about fifteen or sixteen years old (whereas in fact she was in her early twenties).

The young woman she saw in the courtyard in no way resembled her and was dressed as a servant girl from past centuries. Despite this she instantly knew this woman was actually herself and she suddenly found herself standing in the courtyard, and she 'became' the servant girl.

A horse came galloping into the courtyard, the rider dressed in old style clothes and wearing a three cornered hat. The horse reared up into the air close by her, frightening her, then another horse and rider galloped in and did the same thing.

She was aware that the second horse and rider had chased the first one into the courtyard. She was terrified and knew that they were going to fight.

She could not get from in between the two prancing horses, as the two men fought with swords. She did not experience being killed, but knew she was trampled to death under the hoofs of the horses.

Anne said the whole incident appeared to take about ten minutes but, in reality, she knew it had only been a few seconds. She swore she had not been to sleep.

Later I discovered that the place concerned was, centuries ago, a manor house farm and the foundations of the original buildings were where my lorry was parked.

I believe that the reason why she had this vision was because her subconscious was excited because she was on the exact spot where she was killed so many lifetimes ago. This glimpse of a previous reincarnation may have been to give her a shock so she would start thinking about what her present life was really for.

Don't know if readers will agree with my explanation."

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  1. Wow. This is an amazing story! I think these memories are in all of us. Maybe not the death part, but the life part, for sure!

    wv: count!

  2. Wonderful article! WOW.

    While not as enthralling as Anne's experience, I had an experience in my late 20's or early 30's that made me wonder about time shifts or place and time bleed-throughs.

    I lived in a New Jersey town for 20+ years, but one afternoon on a busy corner of Broad Street, I stepped off the sidewalk and onto the road. Just like that I appeared to be in another era of that town, perhaps the 1800s or early 1900s. Everything looked a little hazy and my view was a bit narrow (not being able to see too far on either side but to the right of me. And the weather was still warm, the sun as bright as before. Only now the road was cobblestones (exactly as they used to be in the 19th century I found out later) and to my right was a horse-drawn carriage. By then I was standing petrified and confused in the middle of the road. The carriage was approaching, the horse braying, and I could hear the traffic of horses hooves and footfalls. Behind me and before me, the area (not clearly remembered) was as busy (crowded) as normal reality had been moments before.

    Then just as soon as it began, I was back in normal reality, nearly mid road and totally confused. The whole thing didn't appear to take more than half a minute. The "visit" was so normal feeling, even a bit more heightened. Then the same "visit" occurred about a year or so later, exactly as before--same spot, again, as I stepped off the road. I saw the same past time scene.

    It might be worth mentioning that I seldom get confused in crowds, but that it happened twice in the same spot, surely must point to something having happened there once upon a time. That time stamp on that spot--if not regarding my having lived there decades ago--might be picking up on a moment in the life of another woman from an bygone era . . . .


  3. Anonymous23:05

    I had a strange thing happen once but I was not the one that changed time it was a woman walking beside my car. As soon as I spoke to her and noticed her outfit and a strange puzzled look on her face, I knew something weird was going on. As I drove away I remember wondering if I went to her time but I soon realized it was her that came to the mid eighties. Her hair, the palor of her skin, her clothes was from the mid 1800s. And she walked like the people of that era. Very straight, slow walk with her hands holding each other in a very lady like way. Haha and here I was asking her where the McDonald was in town. I remember the face she made and the total confusion on her face. She never spoke She was about in her early twenties.

  4. I love stories like this one. I'm not religious, I do not believe in a god figure. But, stories like these give me hope that there is more after this life - a hope that we go on.