Sunday, October 17

The Luck Of The Seventh Child Of A Seventh Child

A short oddity coincidence story for a Sunday which made me smile. This is a letter from Arthur Clancy to the author Arthur Koestler following the publication of his book The Roots of Coincidence.

lucky number 7 seven"I was born on the seventh day of the week, seventh day of the month, seventh month of the year, seventh year of the century.

I was the seventh child of a seventh child, and I have seven brothers; that makes seven sevens.

On my 27th birthday, at a race meeting, when I looked at the race card to pick a winner in the seventh race, the horse numbered seven was called Seventh Heaven, with a handicap of seven stone. The odds were seven to one. I put seven shillings on the horse.

It finished seventh."

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  1. One of the great classics!

  2. The ending made me smile too! Hope you've been having all of the recent sunshine where you are. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.