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The Mystery Of The Giant UFO Aliens Of Voronezh

The Giant aliens of VoronezhThe world of UFOs, and indeed other mysteries, does seem to get very muddled by misinformation, exaggerations and denials. So much so that it becomes hard to know where the truth really lies.

One such example of this is with the Mystery of the Giant Aliens of Voronezh.

This story blew up in September 1989 and the first most people heard of the event was following a Tass News Agency report.

Tass are hardly known for their jokes so their report hit the headlines worldwide. They reported that scientists had confirmed the landing of an alien spaceship carrying giant people with tiny heads.

They wrote, "Scientists have confirmed that an unidentified flying object recently landed in a park in the Russian city of Voronezh. They have also identified the landing site and found traces of aliens who made a short promenade about the park."

Witnesses claimed, "The aliens were three or even four meters (9 to 12 feet) tall, but with very small heads."

Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, later reported:

"In the period between September 21 and October 28, 1989, in Western Park in Voronezh, six landings and one sighting were registered with the appearances of walking beings. We have collected a wealth of video materials with eyewitness accounts, particularly from pupils of the nearest school. We have no doubts that they are telling the truth."

Silanov also told Tass of how scientists had found a 20 yard depression with four deep dents, as well as two pieces of unidentified rocks.

Regarding the rocks Tass quoted Silanov as saying, "At first glance, they looked like sandstone of a deep-red color. However, mineralogical analysis has shown that the substance cannot be found on Earth"

All pretty convincing stuff one would think. But then denials of certain aspects of the story began to appear, perhaps to try and hush up the real truth. Some of the witnesses suddenly became 'unreliable'. It all turned into another Roswell or Rendlesham incident where the real truth is debatable, with claims and counter-claims.

Let's, however, go back to one of the witness statements. Vasya Surin said he saw a pink haze hover over a nearby building and he stopped to watch this with some friends. From this haze came a red, glowing sphere which circled the park and then hovered over a tree.

Vasya then describes what happened next: "A door opened in the sphere. A person looked out. He was tall, about 3m (10 feet), shone silvery, and his arms were down to his knees. His head was just a continuation of his shoulders, with three eyes: two at the sides and a third a little higher up."

The alien then supposedly climbed down and walked around. At one point he flashed a gun / pistol like implement at a man walking towards a bus stop, which made the man disappear. The man reappeared when the UFO finally left.

Witness statements become clouded. A local militia man, Lieutenant Sergie Matveyev, says he saw an object over the park, some 165m (50 feet) wide. He insists, however, that the UFO did not land - and he didn't see any aliens.

Everything gets more muddled by what Denis Murzenko says he saw. His version was a pink egg shaped object descending. He then witnessed a humanoid figure. This is his description: "The person seemed to be about 1.4m (4.5 feet) height."

This conflicts greatly with the 10 feet tall humanoids seen by other witnesses - and is more in line with other reported worldwide UFO aliens.

It's now impossible to make a proper analysis of what really happened at Voronezh. Did younger witnesses exaggerate what they saw? Did Denis Murzenko 'see' what he had previously read others had seen in UFO sightings?

As for the rocks that Genrikh Silanov supposedly said were of a substance which cannot be found on earth. He later denied this, saying that the rocks were simple iron ore. Silanov has also been outed as not being a scientist.

Something definitely happened, or was seen, in Voronezh but what it actually was remains a mystery.

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  1. Fascinating. I never heard about this UFO story. Good analysis, too, Mike, of how all these stories get confusing and muddled. What I've never understood about UFO stuff, though, is the extent to which governments have gone to feed disinformation into the whole picture.

  2. Trish & Rob: Spot on! If UFOs are just figments of imagination why do governments bother to react.

  3. Anonymous01:39

    I remember hearing this on the radio as breaking news as a boy.
    Though, I have read many times that this case was conclusively linked to the Ummo hoax.

    1. Anonymous16:20

      It was no hoax. I know one of the chief scientific investigators of the incidents over a 2 week period, Prof. Yuri Lozotsev. After listening to him I am in no doubt that this was a real event involving the tall whites. He thinks they are trans-dimensional beings.