Monday, October 25

Seeing Dead People As Solid Living Beings

Sharon CorrThis is a story from Sharon Corr of the Irish band the Corrs - she's the older, violin playing sister. I had something similar happen myself last year but here's her story first:

"I'm not what you would call the religious type and I've always believed that most religion is based on nothing more than fairytales. But in 2001 I had a strange experience.

I was on holiday with my husband in St.Lucia. I stopped in my tracks when I saw this woman on the other side of the room. Everything about her reminded me of my mother who had died a couple of years before - her body shape, her hair, the way she twisted her mouth when she smiles, the kindness in her eyes and the way she moved.

I was in no doubt that my mother's spirit was present in this lady. We smiled at each other but didn't speak. There was no need for words. We both understood."

You could well say that this was all just imagination or even class it as a doppelganger, wraith or double. Maybe we simply see what we want to see at times.

In my own experience I saw someone who looked exactly like my dead mother, so much so that it quite shook me up at the time.

I was also on a holiday break and my wife and I were walking along the sea front on England's south coast at Eastbourne and there she was. I just said, "There's mum."

As with Sharon's story this wasn't a ghost like mirage, it was a solid person who looked at me but kept on walking. She had the same build, look, hair and expression as my mother had.

I have no answer as to how these sort of things happen. All I can say is that, in my own case, it all felt completely real. Perhaps the dead are able to return briefly to this plane.

P.S. Sharon Corr has released her first solo album Dream of You.

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  1. Wow. This is pretty incredible. I like your take - that perhaps the dead can return briefly to this plane.

  2. PS - did your wife see her, too??