Wednesday, December 15

The Courage Of Listening To That Still Small Voice

It takes courage to think differently from the media influenced majority. Most of what we read or write is a regurgitated version, neatly packaged, for the average consumer. The problem for most of us is that we find it difficult to think for ourselves and perhaps come up with something original or discover something that we know absolutely to be true.

I was thinking along these lines when, by coincidence, I came across this small piece from Raymond Morgan:

"Since there is a tendency to find safety in numbers, most people go along with popular opinion. They feel a sense of security in conforming with the crowd, repeating cliches, parroting catch phrases.

When someone comes along with a different viewpoint, a new angle or approach to a problem, one may feel his foundation begin to shake.

When one stops and analyzes his reactions at this time; begins to doubt his cherished opinions; takes a long, honest look at himself; listens and heeds that still, small voice within, turns his back on the crowd and seeks a new direction - he then begins the beautiful, painful act of thinking for himself."

By not thinking for ourselves we can find ourselves involved in wars, recessions, religions and other scenarios which we have been manipulated into believing are for our benefit, or are the only solution to a problem we probably didn't realise existed.

It takes courage to listen to that still, small voice - and then to act on this.

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  1. Great advice. The tough part is following it!

  2. T&R: Yes, it's always easier to write or say something than to actually do whatever it is. Guess what we have to try to do is try.

  3. we are certainly manipulated but ive a feeling that things may alter soon. stuff appears to be happening.

  4. Mike, I applaud this post. Well said.....

  5. Anonymous23:54

    Finally... Someone Who Lives INThe Real... The Glitch In The Matrix ..... Wasn't ManyOn That Ship.....Careful... A Man Of Thinking Powers Is Hated.....God Said....... Let Them Laugh As THe Real Truths Are Not Known To The Many...