Thursday, December 9

The Ghost Of A Nun Was Herself In A Previous Life

ghost of a nunToday I'm publishing an email from a 67 Not Out reader who wishes to remain anonymous. It's her opinion or theory as to what some ghosts may be (I have edited this a little).

"I have a theory about what some ghosts may be.

I am female, thirty years old, from England and my mother tells me how, from an early age, I began telling her of a lovely lady who would sit on my bed as I was going to sleep.

I can still remember the lady from when I was a slightly older child of perhaps six or seven. She was always dressed in grey and would comfort me if I ever felt lonely or frightened.

My mother didn't make much of this and thought of it as a made up or imaginary friend.

The truth is though that I still see this lady occasionally and I now know she is dressed as a nun in a grey habit. I look on her as my Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide.

Other people might think of her as a ghost or a vision as no one else has ever seen her. Or maybe they think I'm making it all up, like my mother and husband seem to do. They just joke with each other about me seeing a ghost again. I tend not to tell them about her any more.

My theory about my ghost or Guardian Angel is that she is actually me in a previous life. I think my subconscious is materialising her when I need help or comforting.

I know this may sound crazy but I believe that I, from a previous life, am this nun dressed in grey.

I have been hypnotised for past life regression (my husband doesn't know about this) and while 'under' mentioned several previous lives including one as a grey nun somewhere in North America in the early 1800s.

My theory is that some ghosts are ourselves from previous lives."

There does seem to be several different categories of ghosts: the spirits of the deceased; a masquerade by some other entity disguising themselves as someone we might recognise; angelic or demonic beings to either help or hurt us; spheres of light; images recorded in some medium following an emotional situation and so on and so on.

What Colin Wilson, the author, said about ghosts, who keep appearing in the same place, made me smile. He reckons they have an element of stupidity about them "... since a tendency to hang around places they know in life would appear to be the spirit world's equivalent of feeble-mindedness ... one feels they should have something better to do."

I actually quite like the idea of some ghosts being us from previous lives, though I'm not sure if they could also be our Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide. But there again, if you could do a spot of time travel and saw a future you in difficulty wouldn't you want to help yourself?

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  1. ive never heard this theory before sounds interesting but as ive said before im not 100% convinced about reincarnation. can see however that a ghost could be a projection and come from the subconsious.

    i see you are doing your posts earlier in the day now. thnaks for this.

  2. Anonymous10:14

    I had an experience that is so cool, I'll share. About 13 years ago I was going through a huge life transition. There was trauma from a teen daughter and drama from a family move and none of the big stuff had happened yet but I was in struggle because the plans and objectives were life changing for my whole family. So I was walking one day, hoping for peace and guidance.

    My personal prayer has always been the serenity prayer which ends with "grant me the wisdom". Anyhow, I paused on a bridge close to my home and asked for a sign that there was value in our current family agenda. I remember this feeling of a very sudden and comforting hug. I knew it was the sensation of an angelic hug. It felt wonderful.

    In the days and months that followed that hug on the bridge, there was a huge escalation in trauma, drama, and all kinds of life altering stuff that stripped me of all my confidence and more. The events 13 years ago shook every once of my faith, sense of self, and more. But it all worked out for the best - in time.

    Fast-forward to about 5 years ago when I was making meditation a personal practice. Occasionally I would listen to guided meditation CD's. One day I was in a meditative state and listening to the voice on the CD gently guiding me to return to a time in my past and suddenly I was totally aware of myself on that bridge 8 years earlier. It was a vibrant memory potent with texture, sights, smells, and the awareness that I really had no clue what I was going to face in the future weeks.

    So me, in meditation in the future, was remembering me in the weeks before huge ordeals in my past. And I suddenly swooped down on the "past" me and enveloped myself in a hug.

    And the future me (then) was so stunned that I had been the angelic hug from my past... well, that concept shifted me onto a whole new journey of learning about time and energy and the awareness that no one would ever consider me an angel, but for myself in my recent past, my future self had that same energy.

    It's wild to consider my future self was an angelic influence my past self saw as a sign of assurance, that I was on the right path.

    And what that means to me is that in eight years, we can transform enough to be the wisdom we need, for our past.

  3. Wonderful story and a different kind of theory about ghosts. Love your story, too, Terri. Future self hugged past self: maybe that's a theory for time travel!

  4. Tom: I think it's good to doubt things. I'm not out to convince anyone of anything. I believe we accept 'things' or 'truths' at a time right for us. (As for the poss I'm now publishing tham at 8am UK time)

    Terri: Thank you so much for your experience story. An 'angelic hug' from the past - how wonderful. I've never had such a thing happen myself, it's something to look forward to.

    T&R: I agree it's a different theory about ghosts, well some of them, but from Terri's comment perhaps it's more comon than we reaslise.