Sunday, December 5

Memories Of Past Lives Is Cryptomnesia

It is interesting that, since Phil Collins 'came out' and suggested that he has lived before, and therefore believes in reincarnation, the popular British press have tried to rubbish this.

One newspaper wheeled out a Professor of Psychology to explain how past life regression isn't all it seems to be - see here.

The Professor explained what 'really' happens to people undergoing past life regression:

"They're experiencing what psychologists call 'cryptomnesia', which literally means hidden memories - but they're not memories from another life, just ones from way back in their present one.

Yes it is bunkum, but for the person who goes through it, I can see how they might find it extremely convincing. They produce an account made up of past experiences from all different sources, which they have forgotten - films, books, conversations - all of which are woven together to make a very elaborate and compelling 'memory.'

It's been found that a particular type of personality is very prone to being able to produce detailed accounts of past lives under hypnosis. They tend to be very imaginative, articulate and interesting people."

So there you go reincarnation is rubbish, a Professor has spoken! But, of course, he's wrong. In tomorrow's post I'll put forward the case for reincarnation from a book by Richard Ingalese, The History and Power of Mind.

This book is over 100 years old and was perhaps one of the first I ever read about mind, reincarnation, visualisation and so on. This was way back when I was in my late teens and you could say it altered my view on life and started my search to try and discover what life is really all about.

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  1. Silly professor! I wonder what he would say about all the cases that Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist and author at the University of Virginia, collected over the course of his lifetime.

  2. im not sure about reincarnation though possibly the soul does live on. the professor does have a point.

  3. Anonymous05:56

    "...They tend to be very imaginative, articulate and interesting people."

    Which means this professor is not any of the above. < big grin >