Wednesday, December 1

Phil Collins Reincarnation And World War I Bugle Updates

A couple of post updates today.

Phil CollinsThe first update being about The Reincarnation Of Phil Collins. The Daily Mail took up this story on November 26th and enlarged on the subject. If you go to their site you'll find a photo of Phil wearing a Davy Crockett style hat!

It appears that the person who got Phil into the Alamo reincarnation theme was Carolyn Raine, a documentary producer with a 'psychic bent'. She met the musician in San Antonio and 'thought he was so intense in his Alamo interest he must have been there in a previous life.'

Carolyn used her pendulum to dowse the names across the 199 Alamo defenders. She came to the conclusion from this that he was previously John W Smith a horseback courier. Smith went on to become the mayor of San Antonio.

Carolyn described what happened when she told Phil about him being Smith, "Phil was like everyone else I told. He looked quizzical. Then he went, 'Oh my God. The very first thing I bought was a receipt from John W Smith when he had to sell his saddle. It's my most prized possession.' I didn't know until then that he had the receipt.

He told me that his kids have told him that he was there at the Alamo. Children are most close to past life experiences, they lose that as they get older. Phil said his kids knew."

You can read the Daily Mail's full story here.

World War I bugleThe second update is with reference to Grandfather's Bugle Found On Market Stall.

Mervyn kindly took the trouble to look up the Grandfather's army records - he was called Daniel Clay. It's always good to verify that the facts of a story are correct. You may remember that Daniel Clay was killed at the battle of the Somme in 1916 and his 73 year old grandson found his bugle on a market stall a few weeks back. The bugle was believed to have been lost in the battle.

My thanks to Mervyn for his help with this. Here is Drummer Daniel Clay's record:

Initials: D
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Drummer
Regiment/Service: York and Lancaster Regiment
Unit Text: 8th Bn.
Date of Death: 01/07/1916 (Note to USA readers this is 1st of July)
Service No: 13202
Additional information: Son of John Henry and Agnes Clay, of 21, Silver St., Thrybergh, Rotherham; husband of Harriet Clay, of Dalton Brook, Rotherham.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Pier and Face 14 A and 14 B.

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  1. Two very cool stories. Intriguing that Collins bought a receipt! How many people do stuff like this never connecting it to a past life?

  2. Yes, I think it's the receipt that makes it all sound so convincing.