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The Voices Of Dead People Captured On Tape

Liz Jones ghostsLiz Jones, a UK newspaper columnist and diary writer, has been trying to sell her farm on Exmoor where she lives alone, other than with her animals. She was concerned that 'something sinister' was going on and perhaps this was possibly ghostly in nature. A friend who visits the farm says she feels that 'someone' is watching her.

As you do, Liz called in a psychic, Mel, who just happens to be a high priestess as well. So who more perfect to get to the bottom of such goings on.

The white witch walked around the house and, as she did so, recorded her thoughts and feelings on a tape recorder. There were parts of the house she didn't feel comfortable in and the utility room turned icy cold.

Once the job was completed they had dinner and then got ready to listen to the tape - but things didn't sound exactly as they should have.

Though Liz and the high priestess walked around in their socks the tape was, '... full of noise: clanking and heavy footsteps ... then when in the cellar ... clear as anything was a long hiss. It was a sound that made my blood run cold.'

Spooky or what? But there was worse to come. The psychic said that there was demonic activity in the house and that a girl had been starved to death by her parents - the cold was pockets of sadness.

Not exactly what you want when living on your own in a remote area. Liz was given ceremonies to perform every day with candles and prayers.

The entities must have had other thoughts though. Liz went up to bed and snuggled down in the safety of her bedclothes but then ... 'all the lights came on ... so bright it was daylight.'

'Oh bloody hell,' she thought, as anyone would. She climbed out of her warm bed and switched off all of the lights and then got back under the covers. Liz somehow managed to doze off and then ... all of the lights came on again by themselves.

Frightened she phoned her man friend, who just happens to be a rock star, and pleaded with him to come over straight away. No doubt he managed to quench her fear.

So that is Liz's story. For some reason the tape recording reminded me of Konstantin Raudive who was seemingly able to capture the voices of 'discarnate' people on tape. He managed to record over seventy thousand conversations with dead people.

They were 'conversations' because Raudive asked questions which were answered. He believed that the clarity of the voices heard in his recordings implied that they could not be readily explained by normal means. This is often referred to as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).

More EVP Information
Though Konstantin Raudive carried out his recordings in the late 60s you can read of how to create your own recordings on the Association TransCommunication website. You will also be able to find examples of recordings on their site. Raudive's 1971 book Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication With the DeadKonstantin Raudive is still available.

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  1. What an amazingly interesting post!

  2. I remember that my dad had a record (remember them?) that came free with some sort of magazine. On the record were supposedly recordings of dead people. The messages weren't exactly very clear. I think the idea was to let a tape recorder run without recording anything and to see what it picked up. Not sure exactly but will ask my dad about this. Interesting post (again).

  3. Anonymous16:25

    Voices from the dead - dream on.

  4. nice post never really heard of this before.

    its brass monkey weather where i am hope you are not snowed in as well.

  5. Fascinating story! We've got something on EVP in this next book. It's a really weird but intriguing area.