Sunday, January 30

Two Suns Photographed In Sky Over China

Two suns in sky
A quick Sunday post today with a mysterious photo. This week two suns appeared to be in the sky over Suichuan County in China. 'Experts' say that this is a 'mock sun' phenomenon and reckon this can appear after rain or snow. Never seen this in real life myself though.

There is an interesting post about twin suns / two suns on Trish and Rob's blog appropriately called, Twin Suns.

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  1. Wow. So it's happening already, somewhere. I've never seen anything like this, either, Mike. I don't buy that official explanation!

  2. weird or what

  3. very neat post - story/magnificent sight -

    and as for me, i NEVER buy the official story on such things!! ;)

    wv - ionon

  4. Thanks Trish & Rob, Tom and Gypsywoman. It's funny how lots of us now query the official line. You would thing 'they' were hiding something from us!

  5. Anonymous22:19

    it's a reflection of the Sun in the pollution