Friday, February 25

The Fatal Car Crash Coincidence Predicted In Advance

Animal MagicThe British author Andrew Barrow has recently had a new book published called Animal Magic: A Brother's Story. As the title suggests it is a memoir of his brother: Jonathan.

This story of Jonathan has a strange side to it, a coincidence if you like.

He was 18 months younger than Andrew when he died in a car crash, this was some 40 years ago, and he was then only 22 years age. Alongside Jonathan his fiancee, Anita Fielding, was also killed. This all happened just a short time before they were due to be married at the Brompton Oratory in London. All of the embossed copperplate invitations had been sent out.

Sadly the guests had to attend a double requiem on what would have been Jonathan and Anita's wedding day.

This in itself is pretty weird, but there is a further bizarre twist to the story.

At the time of the fatal car crash Jonathan had been writing a novel called The Queue. One of the scenes tells of wedding guests arriving at a London church only to find two coffins where the bride and groom should be. In The Queue the dead man had left behind a surreal novel, which goes on to be published to universal praise.

Following Jonathan's death the question was raised as to whether he had crashed his car deliberately to fulfil his own fictional prophecy. This is not, however, thought to be true. It was all a sad coincidence.


  1. thats a weird one mike

  2. That's a creepy story. It's as if he predicted his own death, or had a feeling about it, and so wrote about it.

  3. Very strange!

  4. Wow Mike this is certainly one of those stories that gave me chills.

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