Sunday, February 6

Nine Questions Including The Most Difficult Of All

solar eclipse
One of the Wise Men of Ancient Greece, the Sage of Miletus, was asked nine of the most perplexing questions of the age. He answered them without hesitation.

1. What is the oldest of all things?
"God, because He always existed."

2. What is the most beautiful of all things?
"The Universe, because it is the work of God."

3. What is the greatest of all things?
"Space, because it contains all that has been created."

4. What is the most constant of all things?
"Hope, because it still remains with man,
after he has lost everything else."

5. What is the best of all things?
"Virtue, because without it there is nothing good."

6. What is the quickest of all things?
"Thought, because in less that a minute
it can fly to the end of the universe."

7. What is the strongest of all things?
"Necessity, which makes man face all of the dangers of life."

8. What is the easiest of all things?
"To give advice."

9. What is the most difficult of all things?
"To know thyself."

Photo: © Luc Viatour

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  1. Very succinct and to the point!

  2. to know thyself thats difficult

  3. these are wonderful, I do believe I may see some writing inspiration here....:)

  4. know thyself...working on that...always! Ever changing as well. These are great questions and answers.

  5. yes, great question/answer set - much food for thought!