Sunday, April 24

The Danger Of The Letter Z In Car Registration Plates

Letter Z
Drive carefully if your car registration plate includes the letter Z.

Why? Because vehicles with a Z on their plates have the most crashes - at least this is the case in the UK.

This isn't airy-fairy nonsense as the conclusion was drawn following an analysis of 643,939 car accident claims by insurers

They found that vehicles with the letters NCZ are to blame for the most crashes. (In the UK all current registration plates include a combination of three letters). NCZ had, in fact, two and a half times as many accidents as any other combination of letters.

And NCZ was closely followed by AWZ and AAZ.

RMZ had the most number of non fault claims, double the average.

Does all of this mean anything? Elephant managing director, Brian Martin, said, "I'm sure this is just a coincidence - we've got no plans to charge more for some registrations as a result." So that's good news for holders of any Z plates!

If you are buying a new car - there is usually a choice of numbers to choose from - it might be as well to avoid any plates which include a Z, coincidence or not.

Footnote: I read recently that, regarding peoples' names, those with a letter Z have a few supposed negative traits. They can be very impatient, hardheaded people who can be ruthless and not caring about who they hurt. Perhaps it's the same with cars!

P.S. I'd better quickly add that people with a Z in their names also have some very good, positive sides. They are trusting and trustworthy and have a zest for life. They are also quoted as being quick thinking and down to earth.

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  1. thanks for that as i have a z in my number plate! my partner is called zena she has the psoitive traits u mention

  2. Don't eat too many choc eggs today. Luckily I haven't a Z in my car number, phew! Have a great day.

  3. Love that the insurer says it's a "coincidence"!

  4. Very interesting here Mike. I cracked up laughing when I read the last 2 paragraphs. My daughter is married to a very hardheaded, quick thinking young gentleman....and his last name begins with a Z.
    Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend.

  5. well, and we all know about "coincidences", don't we?!!;)