Monday, April 25

The No Overtaking Sign Coincidence

No overtakingA short bitter-sweet story today from a 67 Not Out reader, Alan.

"Recently my niece, Barbara, died following a car accident.

Babs, as she was known, was running late for work and for some reason overtook another car along a country lane, where there was only two-way traffic. She was involved in a head on crash, the other driver survived.

Her grave is by the main lane running through our local cemetery and behind her memorial stone is a sign which says, 'No overtaking or passing.'

I know this doesn't sound the least bit funny under the circumstances, but even my sister (Babs' mother) smiled through her tears when she first saw the sign. Of all the vacant plots it had to be this one that was chosen for Babs.

My sister and my brother-in-law often think they see Babs, walking along the road, or in a girl's smile across a shop floor. It gives them comfort, though I think it is only their imagination, but it seems to help them come to terms with their loss."

I'm not sure, Alan, if you ever come to terms with the loss of a child but whose to say what your sister sees. Maybe she does see Babs. Our loved ones are with us always.

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  1. thats a creepy one mike

  2. If I died in this fashion, I would be a very happy ghost in having this warning sign for everyone to see. This is bizarre and odd but for some reason I think it is probably comforting to this resting soul.

  3. This one is sad - and yet uplifting because I, like Mike, think they probably do see her. This story also feels like the dark trickster to me.

  4. i think babs is there still, seen by those who will always love her - and i'm sure she smiles, too, at the sign there to warn others - beautiful story, mike!

  5. Wow, there really are no coincidences, are there? I was recently asked to do a reading to contact someone who passed over (which I normally don't do unless they happen to show up). It surprised me how nonchalant the client was when she got his name, her brother's name and a description of two loving activities they used to do together. She "knows" he's around her, she says.

  6. Our loved ones truly are always with us. Sorry for your loss Alan.
    Although a sad's encouraging to hear that love transcends.
    Thanks Mike.