Saturday, April 2

Missing Cat Travels Through Sewer To Her Home

Midnight the catMidnight the cat went missing and the young children of the family, Helena and Bella, were distraught with worry. Ten days later mum, Jeanette Young, had virtually given up hope of finding Midnight, but this was no ordinary cat.

A neighbour heard the faintest of meows from a sewer manhole cover just yards from the Young's house.

The local water company, Severn Trent, were contacted. Two workmen arrived at the home in Cheltenham. They managed to remove the manhole cover and there she was: one soggy moggie - bedraggled but without any injuries.

The question is: How did Midnight get into the sewer system? It turns out that the only way she could have entered the pipes and tunnels was over two miles away. Perhaps she was hunting mice and rats that frequent such places. Somehow, by using her homing instinct, Midnight made her way through the maze of dark tunnels and, ten days later, ended up outside of her own home.

She then sent out her meow SOS call which was heard by the neighbour.

Ms.Young said of her children, "It has certainly put a smile back on their faces."

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  1. so glad those smiles were returned, wonderful post!

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