Sunday, May 15

How Can Man Imagine A God Who Is Undefinable

A Sunday thought. In the 6th century BC Xenophanes wrote:

"The Ethiopians say that their gods are snubnosed and blackskinned and the Thracians that theirs are blye-eyed and red-haired.

If only oxen and horses had hands and wanted to draw with their hands or to make the works of art that men make, then horses would draw the figures of their gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and would make their bodies on the model of their own."

Therefore, even 2600 years ago, it was realised that man makes God in his own image (not the other way round). So how can religions possibly ever describe a God? It/He/She must be more than we can possibly imagine and is undefinable.

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  1. Good one, Mike! I agree 100 percent.

  2. For sure! Absolutely agree.

  3. Well said, Xenophanes and Mike. If it's unimaginable and undefinable, that means it's inconceivable, imperceptible, non-confirmable and non-refutable. Also indescribable, unrecognizable, and unapplicable.

    Which all basically adds up to irrelevant.

  4. Does God Exist – This is my Scientific Conclusion

    When it comes to the question of “Does God Exist,” there are only two scientific worldviews -- Someone/Something did it, or it did itself. Whether it’s the beginning of the cosmos or the beginning of life, the beginning of mankind or the beginning of mind, either Someone/Something is responsible for everything we see or it’s responsible for its self.

  5. PhoenixGary09:31

    It's an excellent point and very relevant to the debate. Just remember that Christians would counter it by saying that the Bible claims that God created man in HIS image. That's how they supposedly know that he is man shaped (anthropomorphology). It's a convenient out and proof maybe that the writers of the Bible anticipated this criticism. Somebody once said, "when I look at the wonders of the Universe I have to ask myself a supposed God like being who is capable of all that would concern himself with smelling the burnt offering of one small animal on a hill on one planet in the entire universe". Not that there is any single shred of evidence that God exists anyway.