Monday, May 16

Three Signs Led The Way To Crete

I have been in Crete for about fifteen or so days and will be back on Wednesday (probably). When my wife and I were deciding where we should go for a break neither of us were certain where to pick.

As per usual I looked round the travel websites on the Internet and I thought Crete might be okay. I didn't, however, make a booking.

The next day we met a neighbour who had just com back from Malta. He and his wife spend three months of the winter there every year. He asked if we had been anywhere. I told him we were looking but hadn't decided where to go

"Why not Crete," he said, much to my surprise. "We went there a couple of years ago and had a great time." He went on to tell us about places he visited and a boat trip he went on from the island.

The same afternoon we went to the supermarket - boring, but necessary. When we got to the checkout the cashier saw we had purchased some sun cream. "Off anywhere nice?" she asked. Before we could answer she continued to tell us that she went to Crete last year and had a fabulous time. Her first holiday abroad for ten years.

At the supermarket we bought a daily newspaper and, as I flicked through it when we returned home, there was a travel section and an article on - Crete!

I thought three signs were enough so I went on the computer and booked our flights.

I'm hoping that, when I return from Crete, the signs will have been proven correct!

We've been to the Greek Islands before: Rhodes and Corfu and also to the mainland at Athens but this is our first visit to Crete.

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Photo source: Dieter Mueller


  1. Great series of synchros pointing you and your wife to Crete! Can't wait to hear about it and see the photos!

  2. How fun! Last week I picked some novels at the library to explore the authors style and voice. The one I read yesterday was set on Corfu! The character was vacationing there just because it felt like a good idea at the time. It (of course) changed her life. :D