Friday, June 3

Prime Your Memory Search Engine

 The Memory Search Engine
Memory is a funny old thing, sometimes it doesn't seem to work as well as at other times. Or maybe that's just me! But I bet we all have times when we can't remember the name of a childhood friend or what we were doing on a specific date. And other things like that.

The answer is to plug into our Memory Search Engine (MSE).

The MSE isn't usually as quick as Google - though it can become so - but there is a process I was taught many years ago that usually brings the required result. It's actually very similar to creating things with visualisation. There are four steps:

(1a) Put in mind as clearly as you can, for just an instant, what it is you want to know or remember - even if you have only a fragment of a clue. There's no need to put it into words; a vivid picture with it's related feeling is best.

(1b) Want it intently for that same instant. It may take a bit of practice at first to get steps a and b to coincide at the same instant.

(2) Then dismiss it, cut it off, wipe it out. You have to completely let go.

(3) For an instant (and some find this the hardest bit) leave your mind blank. Put it in neutral gear, so to speak.

(4) Do not go back over it, but go on with whatever you were doing, or the conversation you were having. You have done all that is required. The end result is as good as done, so leave well alone. Whatever you have ordered will be delivered to your conscious mind - maybe in that neutral gear (step 3) if you practice the formula.

When the answer pops into your head it wasn't a train of association that brought it to you, it was the memory's search engine.

Sometimes this practice can also be successful with things you never knew: a word you need for a puzzle, where you lost something and so on.

It can be harder to use this method for urgent things. The simple reason being that it is more difficult to dismiss them and go into neutral (steps 2 and 3) and to move on to something else (step 4). With urgent things, or when we are under pressure we tend to keep chewing over the question or problem instead of letting go.

Practice makes perfect, relax, let go.

The MSE can be a very useful tool to cultivate. Play about with it and see what happens.

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  1. What fun! I'm going to try this - and report back!

  2. often cant recall stuff will give it a try as well