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Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience

Pam Reynolds NDEYou may have heard this story before about Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience (NDE). It has seemingly been around for a while but it's new to me.

I got to hear about it for the first time because the BBC video, as below, was recommended to me. It impressed me and, though there seem to be skeptics about Pam's NDE, it all seems genuine to me.

Everything is explained within the video so there isn't much for me to add. But the film was made by the BBC (UK's major public television network) and features staff (doctors and nurses of unimpeachable credentials) involved in the medical operation that led to the NDE.

Pam was dead for a while, all of the instruments had no output. Her body was completely shut down, as was her brain. Somehow though she was able to describe what happened after she had left her body. It wasn't simply leaving her body though as she went on to experience a full NDE. She describes this ...

"There was a sensation like being pulled, but not against your will. I was going on my own accord because I wanted to go. I have different metaphors to try to explain this. It was like the Wizard of Oz - being taken up in a tornado vortex, only you're not spinning around like you've got vertigo. You're very focused and you have a place to go ...

At some point very early in the tunnel vortex I became aware of my grandmother calling me. But I didn't hear her call me with my ears ... It was a clearer hearing than with my ears.

The feeling was that she wanted me to come to her, so I continued with no fear down the shaft. It's a dark shaft that I went through, and at the very end there was this very little tiny pinpoint of light that kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

The light was incredibly bright, like sitting in the middle of a light bulb. It was so bright that I put my hands in front of my face fully expecting to see them and I could not. But I knew they were there. Not from a sense of touch. Again, it's terribly hard to explain, but I knew they were there ...

Okay, here's the video, see what you think. It's about 10 minutes duration.

Sadly Pam Reynolds died for a second time on May 22, 2010 following heart failure in Atlanta.

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  1. I'd never heard of this case either, Mike. The video is certainly convincing!

  2. im not sure i believe in reincarnation but the video does present a convincing argument never seen it before.

  3. I like that she stated clearly how she needed a push to return.

  4. Pretty amazing story...and I have every faith that it's true...and how good to have the vitals to prove it.