Monday, July 18

The Dress For The Aged Coincidence

Help The Aged charity shopAn amusing coincidence story today from a 67 Not Out Reader - thanks Ralph. The Universe does appear to have a sense of humour, or perhaps just likes emphasising things when we worry about them.

It was my wife's birthday recently, her 50th. She was down in the dumps about reaching the age. This was partly my fault as I'm two years younger and pointed this out to her.

I told her how great she is and tried my best to make amends by taking her to a posh restaurant, usually beyond our everyday means.

She put on her best dress and I genuinely thought she looked lovely and off we set in our car to the restaurant where, not known to her, other friends and relatives would be waiting.

She wasn't happy about the age thing and it didn't help when we stopped at some traffic lights and the car in front had both 50 and AGE in its number plate. I tried my best to make light of it.

Then as we were driving through a shopping area she let out a moan. I wondered what on earth was wrong. She told me that a shop we had passed had the same dress as she was wearing in the window.

I couldn't see too much wrong with this and told her she that this could sometimes happen and how the mannequin in the window wouldn't have looked half as good as she did.

"Yes," she said crossly, "I know that but the shop it was in was the Help The Aged charity shop window!"

Luckily when she saw her friends and relatives at the restaurant she had a great evening and now laughs at the Help The Aged coincidence.

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  1. a gd coincidence story. help the aged wasnt what she would have wanted to see or hear but it made me laugh

  2. Good one! It made me laugh. This is the trickster as his/her best.
    The wv for this one: dalisomo - like some sort of dali trickster?!

  3. That's a good one! Made me laugh too. Age is just a number after all...and actually the older I get the more comfortable the number seems. Thanks for the fun!

  4. what a funny coincidence this was :)