Sunday, July 17

Ever Had Bees In Your Pants

Bee underwearI've heard the saying about ants in your pants but bees?

So why are the bees attracted to this woman? It's all down to pheromones.

The area to be covered by bees is first covered by the pheromones of the Queen Bee and then the bees climb aboard. The guy who arranged the above bees was a Professor of Etymology called Norman E. Gary. He has done a lot of this sort of things for the media and also Hollywood movies.

Now as for the bloke below, with the smile on his face and a bee beard ... surely there's no connection with the woman in the above picture ...

Bee beard
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  1. i didn't realise the magners ad was for real i thought it was camera trickery. dont think id like that many bees about my person

  2. Anonymous17:52

    That makes me shiver at the thought. Grace

  3. I have seen the advert quite a few times. I must be watching too much tele. It always makes me squirm. As for bees in your pants thats not a pleasant thought!

  4. That video was really funny...and sweet that the bees were released into the trees. They should have put the disclaimer on there like they do for animals...'No bees were harmed in the making of this commercial'. haha!

  5. Wow, predators and bees, not the usual fare I expect to find here. Glad it's only through the web and not in my neighborhood. :D

  6. Oh my good lord, I would freak out if I were these people! I don't think you could pay me enough money to do what that woman did with the bees near her lady parts! lol