Friday, July 15

Spilt Karma And A Mug Of Tea

mug of teaSometimes it does appear that Karma and the Universe have a sense of humour.

Two days ago my wife knocked over some milk while making a cup of tea. I heard her swear from the living room - that's not altogether true, but she did say a loud, "Bother!"

Accidents happen, but a short while after this she knocked over a complete cup of tea. It was in the kitchen again so it wasn't too much of a problem, but I then started teasing her and joking about how she was getting a bit shaky and so on. I guess I did overdo it a bit and she got a bit fed up with me.

Her revenge was sweet!

The following day it was my turn to make a mug of tea - I prefer mugs to cups, but they have to be white inside - anyway, I knocked over a full jug of milk and it went everywhere. And, yes, I did swear, but nothing too rude.

Later that day I made another mug of tea. Now I have no idea how it happened but somehow one of the mugs tipped over and a full supply of tea went over me, the kitchen surfaces, the floor and down the cupboards. I'm sure it did all of this by itself, but realistically it couldn't have - could it?

This time my wife said with a big grin, "That's God punishing you for mocking me."

I couldn't really argue with her.

I have noticed that often small - lets call them wrong doings - can get 'punished' quite quickly. Karma appears sometimes to be super-charged. You might, for example, utter something that you shouldn't and a few minutes later you bang your thumb or bump an elbow.

In other words you get paid in full for any wrong doings. The small happenings are reminders of what's also happening on a much larger scale - an eye for an eye and all that.

Karma is real - or maybe my wife is a witch. A nice witch of course!

One thing, Karma doesn't have to be bad. There is good Karma too. So I figure it's a good idea to try and build up a store of good as you never know when it might come in handy.

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  1. Serves you right spilling the tea! Be careful what you write if your wife is a witch as you could be in trouble again.

  2. Anonymous14:56

    Never tease a woman! The goddess is on her side. Grace

  3. Good one! Better be nice, Mike, or your wife will stop finding money on those walks of yours!

  4. It will teach you not to mock her

  5. I've noticed that karma seems to be coming around much quicker these days. The positive and the negative...what gives with that? Could it be because we are more in tune with it now. More commonplace...? Sorry about all your spills.
    Have a great weekend Mike.