Saturday, August 27

A Nut On A Scooter Coincidence

Sign on River Vinnick, Cornwall
A simple coincidence today, or maybe it was intuition or even psychometry

My wife and I went out for a morning walk and about half way down our road I saw a silver nut in the gutter. By nut I mean the sort that screws on to a bolt and not the one that is eaten.

I picked it up and immediately felt I should hang on to it for some reason, so I put it into my pocket for safe keeping.

A while later, while crossing a small, old bridge (sign above) and spotting some fish, we were talking to six year old Imogen who was riding on her scooter.

She went to tighten something on the scooter and told us how she had to be careful as her dad said there was a nut missing.

"Like this one?" I asked.

"That's it!" she said, "Why have you got it?"

I explained how I had found it and thought I had better keep it. And with that I replaced the nut where it had come from on her scooter - right next to the words 'tighten regularly'. She sped away happy that her 'vehicle' was fixed.

nut on scooter
And that's it. Maybe not too impressive for my 600th post but I'm in the process of changing my computer and also my Internet Service Provider. Hopefully everything will be working well tomorrow!

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  1. congrats on 600 post ive enjoyed them and look forward to next 600

  2. Like Tom, I'm anticipating the next 600!

    This synchro is powerful, Mike, not small at all. You had a hunch about the nut and followed the hunch and the nut got back to where it belonged.

    Good luck with the new computer/server.

  3. Anonymous18:36

    600 posts - well done! I read most of your posts. Grace

  4. 600 posts celebrated by a nut bringing a smile to a young girl. :D

    All from walking on a stone bridge dating back at least 475 years. (Maybe it was built 600 years ago?) Since your Imogen was 6, I'd say your message of love (6) is timeless.