Sunday, August 28

Reflections On My Early Life

Mike Perry as a teenagerSad today as I had a phone call to say that my cousin Tisha had died. She was the same age as me and is really the last link to my original birth family.

Some of my memories of her go way back to when we were very young. I remember being eight years old and my mother took Tisha and I to London Zoo. I can still picture the day in my mind.

The animals impressed us so much that we took it in turns to hide behind a metal seat - that looked a bit like a cage - and fed each other through the 'bars'. I also remember feeling that animals shouldn't really be locked up with very little space to roam. I knew I wouldn't have liked it if I was an animal.

Before I received the phone call my wife and I had been for a walk and we saw lots of white feathers, but also three big black feathers - which I consider can sometimes mean something 'unlucky'. So, perhaps the feathers where in relation to Tisha's death.

And then to take me back to my early days a second time I had a comment left on my blog post Teenage Memories Unlocked By A Coincidence. The post was about a girl, Stephanie, I knew while I was at Senior School and how she had died.

Marian wrote: "Thank you for your moving story, Mike. I remember you at Mellow Lane School. Stephanie was my friend and so I was also shocked and sad to learn of her passing ...." and carried on with quite a long comment.

So that was two reminders of my formative years and quite sad ones at that.

On the post about Stephanie I ended it by saying, "Some coincidences, I feel, come about to make us reflect on life." And that's certainly what I seem to be doing today.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, Mike. The feathers really do seem to be a motif for you - both the white and the black ones. I'm sure she'll be tapping you on the shoulder soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you have had some bad news, always a sad time. I wish you good things.

    So it's 601 today!

  3. also sorry to hear your news. strange about those feathers

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. Life throws so many coincidences at us that it makes one wonder doesn't it?

  5. I'm imagining handing you a bouquet of white feathers. Peace.