Thursday, September 29

Memories Of Perry Winkles

Perry Winkles
Periwinkles or winkles - even sometimes Parry WinklesWe had a weekend away and visited Brighton and Eastbourne on the south coast of England. We walked along one of the piers and coming back saw Perry Winkles. I snapped the picture because (a) I'm a Perry and (b) it reminded me of my dad.

Dad loved winkles, their proper name is periwinkles, and they are a bit of a tradition on the south coast, especially for Londoners.

Being vegetarian they aren't for me, but it took me back to when I was a small child. Mum would buy a pint (I think it was a pint) of winkles for dad. He'd get out his winklepicker - though some use a pin or toothpick - and extract the contents from each shell. I remember there was always a black bit on the end of the innards and sometimes he'd pull this off and try to stick it on my face as a joke.

Dad would eat them straight from the shell - he also liked a plate of cockles as well.

Happy days! And the name Perry Winkles always makes me smile. That's Eastbourne pier in the photo below. Weather wise it was a bit blowy and overcast - but, so what!

Eastbourne Pier
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  1. I've seen this shop! We had a trip down that way in August. My BF likes those sort of things. Cockles, winkles and even jellied eels. Definitely not for me. Nice to hear about your dad, bet he was a great bloke.

  2. P.S. I see 'my story' The Date Coincidence is shown in your Top Ten, and after all this time. That's odd too.

  3. Never heard of winkles!!It's funny, isn't it, the little things that take us back to childhood.

  4. As SQuire Rushnell,author of the "God Winks" books would say,
    "That's a God wink(le)" .-)

    I just watched the directors cut of the Alex Proyas movie "Dark City" the other day.Where all the human characters in the movie were trying to remember how to get to Shell Beach,but because they were implanted memories none of them could remember how to get to the place of their childhood memories.
    A good movie to watch if you have not seen "Dark City" before...or can't remember if you have.-)