Friday, September 30

Coincidence Stories And An Update From 67 Not Out Readers

My thanks for the following coincidence stories. If you also have an interesting coincidence, you would like published on 67 Not Out, please use the Contact button towards the top of the page. I'll be happy to link to your blog, Twitter page, Facebook etc. if you wish - Mike.

Maths teacherMeeting up with a lost friend
This happened a while ago, and I hadn't thought of it as any more than a coincidence until now. My best friend and I used to be close friends with a girl who moved to a different school, as did we. We both lost contact with this girl completely.

Five years later, and both of us were invited to go to a Maths Day. There were students from a number of different schools there. We went over to the group we had been put in, and my best friend sat down at the end of the row, leaving one seat there which I sat down in. The girl next to me stared at me, and as I turned to face her I immediately recognised her as the girl I had lost contact with.
- Kelly

Cigarette endThe cigarette trick
I once saw a guy flick away a finished cigarette and have it land straight up on its end. Admittedly, the pavement was damp, but still ... I'm pretty sure I'll never see that happen again.
- Anon

Piano clip artSame man on the piano
About 25 years ago, I was a regular patron at a little piano bar (in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho). Weekly, I listened to a gentleman there named Tony Nardi. The bar went out of business at about the same time I joined the USAF. At my very first duty station at RAF Lakenheath, in the UK, I walked into the NCO Club and there was Tony Nardi playing the piano.
- Chas.

Nun clip artWaking up at the right time
This probably isn't a coincidence as such but I can wake up to within one or two minutes of whatever time I've programmed myself to wake up.

I was taught this technique by an old nun, so as not to miss choir practice: as you are going to sleep imaging a clock face of the current time, then imagine it winding forward to your wake up time, then back, until you fall asleep.

It works every time for me.
- George

Regular 67 Not Out readers may remember the post I wrote about Julie Wassmer called More Than A Coincidence Reunites Mother And Daughter. Here's what Julie has written to me:

"I am Julie Wassmer, the author of More Than Just a Coincidence, published recently by Harper Collins. Thank you so much for your post which I was very interested to read.

The extraordinary way in which I was reunited with my daughter, Sara, is a story which only now, after twenty years, did I feel able to share with a wider audience.

It seems ironic that although I was working as a scriptwriter in television for many years, and involved in numerous dramatic, fictional plotlines for shows like Eastenders, I carried around in my heart the most exceptional story - which was true.

Now, that story is finally out and I have been heartened, touched and moved by the reactions of those who have contacted me after reading the book. I do believe that at the very heart of this story lies the message that, sometimes, things can work out for the best - without our intervention. I sincerely hope that my book has a positive effect on the lives of all who come to read it.

Best wishes, Julie."

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  1. Good ones, all of them. And how cool that Julie wrote you!

  2. have a good time and think of us back in the uk. interesting collection of stories today.

  3. Also hope you and Karin have a great time and I bet you won't think of us! Nice post.

  4. Just stumbled across your site recently and I'm pleased I did as its a very informative place! :o)
    Here's one for you.
    I was brought up in the Northeast, where I met a boy from London who's parents moved from Battersea. We became friends at junior school and then secondary school but then I was sent to boarding school and then my family moved to London and my friend and I lost touch.
    I was traveling home from work on the bus one dark winter evening when this bloke came bounding up the bus and said, "Jase, it's me, Micky!". We've been best mates ever since and we have a band and both sing write songs and play guitar.
    Just google "Stoners close" if you're interested.
    Regards, Jase