Saturday, September 3

My Wife's Body Goes For Free In Minutes

dressmaking body dummyI think I've mentioned before that my wife is a dressmaker and designer, all from home, but has been registered with the likes of Vogue. She has now wound down her customers and only does a little for friends and ex-clients who have become her friends. She enjoys the social side, as well as making or altering clothes.

Over the years she has accumulated a lot of material and equipment, most of which she decided was no longer worth keeping. One of the items was a dressmaking body, or some call it a dummy, in perfect mint condition. She could have sold this but we thought it would be nice, perhaps, to give it to a charity or something similar.

For some reason this morning I awoke with the idea of putting the body/dummy in our driveway with a sign saying 'free'. No idea why this thought came into my head.

My wife agreed so I did a sign, and placed this with the body outside - where it could be seen. I was still out front when a car pulled up just past our house and then reversed back. Two women got out and said they were from an organisation for people with Down's Syndrome, and they often put on plays. That very morning they had decided that what they needed was a dressmaking dummy. This they could use for some of the stage costumes and for making clothes.

They were off to see if they could get one anywhere for the charity! Then they saw the one in our driveway - their wishes had been met! They were lovely, genuine people and said we should come along to their next play performance.

I always get a kick when this sort of thing happens and it strengthens my belief in synchronicity, telepathy and how we are all inter-linked.

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  1. This type of synchro is always uplifting. It really does underscore the importance of following a hunch.

    I don't recall your mentioning what your wife did. I can barely sew on a button and am fascinated by people who create things from scratch!

  2. I love hearing stories about this! When the intention is set forth and two people come together to meet a need and then BAM! Divine intervention!

  3. This is so good to hear...perfect timing for the gals needing the dressmaking body. You and your wife did a nice favor for the organization just by being in tune...hope you get a chance to see one of their should be fun. Let us know if you do...I'd be curious to know the name of the play they're performing.

  4. karena: The play is 'Summer Holiday' based on a film which starred a 50s British pop star Cliff Richard - he's now 70+ but is still strutting his stuff.

  5. Downs Plays Score Free Dummy From Stellar Seamstress.

    I love stories like this and this silly title popped in my head. (Blame the wine late at night after a long weekend.)

    I don't remember you mentioning your wife's talent prior to this, as I also (like Trish) would have made note of that! But, I suddenly remembered the "sock romance" you posted (long ago!) and it makes more sense now that you have a legitimate relationship with textiles and styles.