Wednesday, December 14

Is This Jesus In The Tornado Clouds

The above photo was sent to me by a 67 Not Out subscriber. I'm informed that it is a picture of a tornado funnel cloud. I must admit I don't know much about funnel clouds - but this doesn't really matter.

The interesting bit is when you turn the photo sideways as below.

What we now appear to have is a picture of Jesus or someone similar. You might also be able to make out a face to the left of the picture as well.

So what does this mean? No idea!

Most will probably say that it is simply another case of pareidolia - common examples being seeing images of faces or animals in clouds, trees and so on. Common pictures being Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Others will disagree and attach importance to such sightings.

Life is full of decisions as to what we should or should not believe. We have to make up our own minds as to what is right and wrong.

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  1. Fascinating, truly fascinating.....

  2. strange one but a convincing pic sideways


    very unique picture. we will see him in the clouds one day. I want to be caught up to meet Him. I want to be ready when he come.

  4. Anonymous16:43

    This doesn't prove anything. It's like seeing a unicorn cloud shape.

  5. Anonymous05:45

    Jarrell Texas F5 Tornado press release detailing the source of this picture.

  6. I saw a special on television a few years back and this photo was featured. It was taken after a horrific tornado had impacted a community. When the storm was over this was the photo taken after the tornado. Peoples lives were spared and this was a reminder of how He watches over us.

  7. Anonymous00:27

    atheism was always a smallscale thing and is shrinking even more every minute-soon there will be no atheists left....!

  8. It might sound trite, but for tornado survivors I think it can be comforting. Like, no matter what happens they can believe that there is still a master plan.

  9. Anonymous18:16

    that may be
    CHRIST in clouds because the other images are miracoulous faces of with CHRIST persons and possible animal or animals.elvis presley,bill clinton,donald trump ,boris yeltsin,wendell shultz,mary the pretty woman in clouds faces in the clouds rock image robert shultz jr. am in the jenner crater on the moon and boris yeltsin can be seen in a galaxy and on mars.i made a mistake.hitler is the face on mercury not mars.wendell shultz boris yeltsin are very common faces.and one thing i know they all were with CHRIST.josef stalin can been seen clouds and lincoln,lenin,yetsin,yetsin's wife and a wolf in stars.sitting bull, yetsin and wendell in volcano smoke,stalin and yeltsin,mary and a cat in 9/11 smoke.