Saturday, October 8

Birth Dates Coincidence Of Mum And Son

Ashley Marsden coincidenceAnother baby story coincidence. See also Oliver The 133225-1 Baby

31 years ago Ashley Marsden was born into this world on September 19th. She made her appearance, before the due time, and caught her mother by surprise. Ashley was born at home as she arrived before her mother could get to the hospital.

Move forward 31 years and, already a mum of three, Ashley was expecting her fourth child. It was over a week from the due date but she suddenly realised that her baby couldn't wait any longer to make an entrance.

Ashley's husband, Ben, helped her into their car and drove as fast as he could towards the hospital. This was near Salt Lake City and on Interstate 15 Ashley screamed, "The baby is coming!"

Ben pulled over, dialled 911 and - with one of his wife's legs on the dashboard and the other out of the car - delivered the baby following the operator's instructions. He used elastic from a sunshade to tie the umbilical cord.

When the paramedics arrived all was well with the baby, Hawk Benjamin Marsden, and mother Ashley.

And the date this all happened? September 19th, 2011.

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  1. Good one! I enjoy these birthday synchros. And kudos to Ben for delivering his son!