Friday, October 7

Coincidence Shows Links In Unknown Ways

linked by coincidenceSome coincidences make you wonder what the significance is. The following coincidence story is from Mr E.Williams of England. It's short but really quite remarkable. Perhaps it illustrates how we are all linked together in unknown ways.

I've had a strange coincidence.

I often said hello to a woman about fifteen years younger than me, who'd buy her newspaper at the same time.

When I didn't see her for months, I feared the worst.

However, she did reappear and told me she'd been nursing her sister at home in Parr Flats, a district of St Helens.

"Do you know it?" she asked.

"Of course I do. I was born in Parr," I replied.

"So was I! In Newton Road."

"So was I - number 179."

"Me too!"

What a small world.

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1 comment:

  1. The connections are startling. Terrific synchro. I sometimes think the "6 degrees of separation" is probably more like 2 or 3!