Sunday, October 30

Glastonbury Tor Set To Music

A 4 minute video I came across and liked because it features Glastonbury Tor in England, where I like to visit. The area is sometimes mentioned as being one of the Earth's energy centers. The music is very pleasant and magical too.

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  1. I love Caiseal Mór's work.I have a few of his music CDs and play them quite often.They are wonderful as background music when I'm working on the computer,or just reading.
    I loved his autobiography
    "A Blessing and a Curse",it's a great read.
    Funny thing is we grew up 2 miles apart and we are both relatively the same age,and yet to my knowledge our paths have not crossed yet.
    He writes fantasy fiction novels,which I've been told by friends who like those kind of novels,that they are quite good.
    And I have his latest book
    "What is Magic?".But I'm yet to get around to reading it.
    He is a fascinating guy,and his wife Helen is a talented artist also.

  2. I just realized that there is a synchronicity of sorts here with this post also Mike.
    After reading your post the other day on Santa Eulalia,which sparked memories of one of my favourite Catholic churches in Brisbane
    (Our Lady of Victories),which I did a post on my blog about,with all the Perry coincidences.Made me want to read a book I have had for about a year but hadn't got around to reading yet.
    Paulo Coelho's, "The Pilgrimage".
    I almost felt compelled to read it after all this.It was a feeling in me like the book was ripe for reading.So I put down the other books I was reading and started reading this book this morning.
    It's just funny that you post this clip which is titled "Pilgrimage".

    Oddly enough I met Paulo in Brisbane a while back at a Brisbane Writer's Festival and we had a nice chat,but I had no idea how big he was (or was to become).I went to see Malarkey McCourt ("A Monk Swimming")who was speaking on the same program as Paulo.So I've met Paulo,who lives on the other side of the world,but am yet to meet Caiseal who lived a fair chunk of his life within a stones throw.

  3. I've climbed up to the top of the Tor and it is a magical place, though the building at the top doesn't live up to expectations. Much is attributed to the area around Glastonbury. Great music to the video.

  4. Fantastic music! Glastonbury is on my bucket list, too.
    Daz- who HAVEN'T you met at brisbane? This conference sounds like one of the best around. Lucky you!

  5. Re:
    "Daz- who HAVEN'T you met at Brisbane?"

    Caiseal Mór the man in this music clip.And we both lived here growing up,less than 2 miles apart from each other.

    I hope to met all of the important people in my life here,because at this stage in my life I can't see myself traveling outside of Australia.

  6. That's amazing about you and Caiseal Mór living so close as children.

    Interesting about Paulo Coelho - though I'm not a fan of his. I remember years ago being told about this amazing book 'The Alchemist' and when I read it I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I guess it's simple to understand - perhaps that's the appeal.