Saturday, November 5

Helen Returns Full Circle To Her Childhood Home

Cotswold House Care HomeIt's strange how life sometimes takes a complete circle. It certainly did for Helen Scott.

Helen turned 90 at the end of last month and remembers her childhood with fondness, especially playing games in the garden with her brother, Hedley - happy days. The house was a vicarage as her father was the local priest.

As with most of us she left home, moved away, and got married in 1955 to Tom Godman, her brother's friend. She then became Helen Godman.

Now at 90 she lives in the Cotswold House Care Home but this is the coincidence bit.

Cotswold House is where she lived as a child and the very spot in the garden - where she once played so happily with her brother - is now where her bedroom is positioned.

It looks a little different now, since the house was transformed and developed into a Care Home, but Mrs Godman has returned full circle to her childhood roots.

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  1. I love this story. Talk about coming full circle. And really, what are the odds?

  2. quite a story mike

  3. Amazing story.