Tuesday, December 13

Finding Myself As A Boy On The Internet

It's a funny old world. Today I did a search on Google for my old Junior school - Hillingdon Primary in west London. I clicked on the third entry down on the search results and was very surprised to see a class photo (as above) which included me!

I was surprised because:

(a) It was a website from New Zealand (Old Friends) and I live in England and ...
(b) Out of all of the years there could have been a photo - Hillingdon Primary School goes back to way before I was ever born - the only photo shown was one that included me.

The person who put the photo on the website was a Shirley Osborne whom I remember because her hair was always parted in the middle. The photo brought back lots of memories and faces. Other than for Shirley, who now lives in New Zealand, I wonder where they all are now?

With the Internet the world is getting smaller and smaller.

I'm the one in the photo with the red arrow and Shirley is in the middle row to the right of me (with the red dot).

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  1. Wow, that is a coincidence for me also,because while I don't live in England or New Zealand,I am Oz born
    (Australia born).
    Get it? Osborne - Oz born.

    But seriously,that is quite a gob-smack.I haven't found any school photos of me,but I have found some of my mother,my cousins,uncles and an old next door neighbour buddy of mime who moved to London and I lost contact with.
    It is quite surprising what is out there on the net.

  2. nice one mike. its amazing what can be found on the internet and sometimes without trying

  3. Good synchro! What are the odds...? The Internet really is making the world a much smaller place.